TOP-5 most reliable banks in Hong Kong or where to open an account in 2020?

TOP-5 most reliable banks in Hong Kong or where to open an account in 2020?

Because Hong Kong has a stable banking systema long with prestigious status of the jurisdiction, the question of how to open an offshore in Hong Kong is quite popular. Many entrepreneurs seek to develop business in the area, as well as to open personal accounts to ensure the safety of funds.


The main advantage of opening an account in Hong Kong is the reliability of the banking system. All financial institutions have been working for many years and show high liquidity. There is no currency control in the jurisdiction. Restrictions on trading are minimal.

The advantage is that it is possible to use the dollar in an unrestricted manner. Financial institutions in Hong Kong offer multi-currency accounts in different currencies.

Jurisdiction has a favorable geographical location. The district has an access to the Chinese market. The area is considered favorable for business. High-quality banking services are offered in two official languages - Chinese and English.

There are no restrictions on RMB operations in banks, which can simplify trade relations with local suppliers. The lack of currency control allows for any amounts to be received or sent with no restrictions. Banks in Hong Kong provide comfortable remote account management. Financial institutions in the country are prestigious and guarantee the safety of funds. Most banks are international. To open an account, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.


You can buy an account in Hong Kong at HSBC Bank. The organization offers retail services, wealth management, commercial operations and corporate services. In addition, HSBC is considered one of the most famous banks in the world with a great degree of reliability worldwide. The commission for transfers is small, you can manage your accounts online. Opening an account requires the presence of the customer.

Bank of China is one of the oldest Chinese banks. It has branches in 20 countries. The organization has a high degree of confidentiality and the staff speaks English. To open an account, you need to schedule an appointment with the bank.

Bank of East Asia is the third-largest bank in Hong Kong. It has more than 90 branches in the jurisdiction.

Chong High Bank was founded in the late 40s.

Chinese CITIC Bank is one of the largest banks in Hong Kong and is one of the 10 largest financial institutions in terms of assets. The bank provides services of wholesale trade and insurance. In total, there are more than 30 branches in the region.

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