Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms

Crowdfunding platforms are created with the purpose of investment of large projects on the international basis. The funds received allow you to start a business without bank loans or private loans.

It is a human invention that allows start-ups to be run with minimal risks and receive financing in various areas of the economy. Money is provided by individuals who are interested in putting ideas into practice and are ready to provide material support.

How to promote a project on a platform

By the time the project is registered, it is necessary to prepare a sound business plan. Investors should have a clear understanding of where they invest and what are the risks of losing their finances. You need to calculate all costs and the final amount of profit, which is planned to go out in certain periods. How much is collected, the information should be published in an open mode and be accessible to an unlimited number of persons.

Largest crowder-hosting platforms offer to place and raise funds not only for business projects. It is possible to organize funds to help victims of natural disasters or political unrest, to restore the ecological condition of the territories.

Rating of Crowdfunding Platforms
More popular are foreign Crowdfunding platforms, in Russia this is not yet developed or is limited to small funds. For today the most interesting offers are published on the portals:

- Kickstarter;
- IndieGoGo;
- RocketHub;
- Crowdrise;
- Somolend;
- Appbackr;
- AngelList;
- PeerBackers;
- Booomerang.

Crowdfunding platform boomstarter works on a collective basis in Russia. Serves as a platform not only for collecting money, but also testing a specific product. For registration in the system requires citizenship of the Russian Federation and the presence of a bank account in an institution accredited in Russia. The funding is allocated 2 months. If the budget is filled by more than 50%, then the project is considered successful and is moderated.

Anyone who is familiar with the basics of site building can create a crowded platform. Special permission to receive funds is not required - in the form of a permit or license, however it is still necessary to register a company for these purposes with the aim of legalizing the income received from such activities. Such platforms have different objectives of work, not only investment of commercial projects, but also charity.

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