Start-up visa in Estonia. How to get it?

Start-up visa in Estonia. How to get it?

The Republic of Estonia is a state that is located in Northern Europe. It is located on the east coast of the Baltic Sea. It has a border with Russia and Latvia, as well as a maritime border with Finland. The capital is Tallinn. The state is a member of the European Union.

In the capital, there are approximately 400,000 inhabitants, about 1/3 of the total population of Estonia. The second city, which is the largest in terms of population size - Tartu, the third - Narva.

Life in Estonia

The lowest salary in the country before taxes is 470 euros. Salary tax is one third of income. It goes on insurance, medical services. The average pension is 391 euros. However, the amount is affected by various factors - level of income before retirement, participation in programs.

Experience must be at least 15 years in the country, then a person can receive a pension. If it is not, the person receives a payment of approximately 160 euros. Its amount in Estonia is more than in other countries of the Baltic States - Latvia, Lithuania.

Estonian, Russian and English are common languages in the country. In most cases, Estonians speak two languages ​​- Estonian and English. The Russian language is native to almost a third of the country's population. In the capital, these figures are greater. In the early 90's, the language was deprived of its official status, however, it is often used.

This state is considered the most electronic country in Europe. Since the beginning of the zero years, the Government of the country has guaranteed access to the Internet for residents. Almost everywhere there are access points. Since the end of the 1990s, the Cabinet of Ministers has been working on a paperless basis.

Residents of the country can use the services of e-Government. Only in individual cases, it is necessary to personally come to the department. The country is the first in Europe to create an electronic residence.

Getting a residence permit under the startup program for business founders

To get a start-up visa to Estonia, the applicant must meet certain parameters.

Primary requirements:

• Age not less than 18 years;

• Availability of a financial resource of at least of 130 euros per month;

• The presence of a new company, which is established in Estonia;

• Availability of a new product, idea or service that has a high development potential.

Getting a residence permit under the startup program is possible for the project founder and family members for a year, afterwards this term can be prolonged.

Employees of the company may require a start-up visa in Estonia, which is a working one. Its validity period is from three months to a year with the possibility of prolongation.

To obtain a residence permit for a startup program, the project must be verified in the Ministry of the Economy of the country. The cost of developing the necessary documents, which are mandatory for the procedure - three thousand euros.

IT-OFFSHORE provides services for applying to the Ministry of Economy of Estonia, subsequently the project will receive the status of a start-up. The receipt of the verification code entitles you to apply to the embassy of the country for a residence permit card. Applying to this company, you can find out about the cost of a start-up visa in Estonia.

To get started, the customer should collect some information:

• General information on the organization - the direction of activity, the size of capital, the development prospects for the next five years;

• Information about the team and the founder - full names, positions held, time of commencement of work, citizenship, etc .;

• Product data - the stage of readiness of the product or service being developed, the presence of competitors, the advantages of the product over the others, etc .;

• Information about finances - information on incomes and expenditures in accordance with the plan and in fact.

IT-OFFSHORE offers a service to develop the following documentation - a financial plan with the development of a business model, a pitch deck, which includes a presentation, a description of the product, its advantages over competitors.

The questionnaire of the company is being worked out - the viability of the start-up is determined and forecasts about its state when entering the market. The development period is on average from 14 to 21 days. It is considered from receipt of advance payment before approval of the project in the Ministry. The amount of the prepayment is 1,500 euros, the remaining amount is paid when the project is sent for consideration in the start-up committee.

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