The Netherlands Foundation as a solution for the ICO in Europe

The Netherlands Foundation as a solution for the ICO in Europe

Opening of the fund in the Netherlands is considered as advantageous procedure. This is due to the fact that the country belongs to the EU, has a rich culture, which includes many languages. The state has developed infrastructure. The Dutch fund is a judicial person whose actions are governed by the Civil Code. One of the main directions of the funds is charity, but it is also possible to create for commercial purposes. One of the most famous options is STACK.

Company registration

To create or buy a fund in the Netherlands, you must first familiarize yourself with the conditions of registration. STAK is a fund that is judicial. The main purpose of the creation is the ownership of BV assets in the status of a registered owner. Asset ownership should be separated from the right of beneficial ownership.

In order for rights to be transferred, an agreement is concluded between the fund and the actual owner of the assets. The purpose of the agreement is to determine the transfer of assets and subsequent management.

The document must be accompanied by a certificate from a notary. When assets are transferred, documentation is issued that confirms the value of the assets of the fund being created.

The necessary documentation is a notary's certificate, as well as a charter, the content of which must include information, according to the ICO in Europe:

- Name of the fund. It should contain the word "STICHING".
- Why create a fund, goals.
- Methodology for appointing directors.
- Data on the municipality where the office is located.
- Options for using the balance as a result of liquidation.

The directors of the legal entity are responsible for the procedure for registering and entering information about the founders.

Pros of creating a fund and spending

The STAK legal entity is considered as the most common option for creation. This is due to the fact that registration is carried out quickly - for several days. The fund is not taxed if the investment is outside the state. You do not need to pay taxes on capital.

The amount that should be spent on registration is 3,750 euros, excluding value-added tax. The price includes the following items:

- Negotiations on the specifics of the charter, including advice of a notary.
- The price of registration.
- The price of registration in the register.

In addition, the following expenses may be required: to create a bank account, pay for management services, ensure compliance with standards, etc.

What the head of the legal entity should to do

Duties of directors should be spelled out in the charter. Unless otherwise specified, the director may decide whether to implement agreements on the use of property.
Debt obligations may be assumed, according to authority and limitations.

Represent the judicial person can have one director or more. It is possible to grant powers to third parties that are not members of the Board of Directors, if this is provided for and prescribed in the Charter.

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