Liquidation of ABLV Bank! How to close bank account in Latvia?

Liquidation of ABLV Bank! How to close bank account in Latvia?

Last week we received information from our reliable partners that ABLV bank stops outgoing payments. Now we have received new information - liquidation of ABLV Bank, initiated by the European Central Bank on February 24, because the owners of the liquidated bank committed inadmissible actions.

Now that the account holder in the ABLV bank plans to close bank account in Latvia, it is possible to receive compensation in the amount of 100 000 EUR, if the account is exactly equal to or more than the specified amount. If the owner has an amount less than the specified amount (100000EUR), he receives full compensation.

In a statement, a bank spokesman said that ABLV has enough assets to satisfy customers' demands. The bank also said that all deposits of up to 100000 EUR, as determined by the Deposit Guarantee Law, will be paid. You can close bank account in ABLV Bank and receive compensation with the help of IT-OFFSHORE professional specialists. Before getting compensation from ABLV, it is necessary that an account is opened with another bank, where compensation can be placed.

Let's pay attention, that banks of Latvia fall under sanctions from the USA. Therefore, if you want to close an account with a Latvian bank, you have the opportunity to ask for help from professional IT-OFFSHORE specialists. We can offer you the best solution.

We also advise you not to consider the option of opening an account with Norvik Bank in Latvia. The fact is that dealing with ABLV may lead to the subsequent liquidation of Norvik Bank. Thus, if you are going to close the account in advance with Norvik Bank, you will save your assets.

Now let's return to the question of how to close bank account in Latvia, especially in ABLV Bank. As mentioned above, there is an opportunity to receive compensation no more than 100000EUR.

So, to close bank account in ABLV, it is necessary that you have an open account with another bank and provide information confirming that you have an open account.

Our reliable partners point out that it is impossible to receive compensation from ABLV in the form of cash. Compensation is transferred to an account opened in your name in another bank (be it a legal entity or an individual). Please note that the account can not be opened in a financial institution.

To accompany the opening of the account you will need to provide a full package of documents, as well as provide additional information on requests in a timely manner. Timely responses to bank requests are the key to successfully opening an account.

With the help of IT-OFFSHORE professionals you can close an account in Latvia and open a new bank account. Contact us!

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