Cryptocurrency company in Singapore

Cryptocurrency company in Singapore

The Republic of Singapore has not always been considered a technology leader. Subsequently, thanks to quality management, legislation that changes regularly, the city-state is considered one of the most developed in the world. Singapore is one of the financial centers.

The cryptocurrency in Singapore is well developed, the state supports various block chain startups. In this regard, the opening of crypto-companies is a popular destination, the country is also in demand for this business, like Switzerland.

Pluses of Singapore at the exit to the ICO

In order for ICO to be successful, it is necessary to choose the right country for registering a company. The final decision regarding jurisdiction will determine the ease with which the project will work with the exchanges. Consequently, the timing of creating streams of financing activities may change.

Using a cryptocurrency company in Singapore to enter the ICO is considered the best option, since it is fairly easy to do business in the country. This city-state is one of the few that has friendly legislation in relation to cryptocurrency activities.

In Singapore, you can develop almost any projects related to innovation, as well as startups associated with the block chain technology, cryptocurrency, ICO. There are basic options for how to use a company in Singapore to enter the ICO.

Company as a token issuer

To create this type of company will need a budget in excess of 20 thousand euros. So, you need to register a company, provide the address, secretary, director, open an account in a bank, pass accreditation and all other necessary procedures that require significant costs.

Advantages of such a company:
• Singapore is a respectable jurisdiction, a project for investment becomes more attractive;
• Large selection of banks;
• It is possible to pass accreditation on stock exchanges;
• You can use the benefits for doing business.

One of the advantages is the optimal system of tax collection, there are no payments for capital gains.

The company as a placement agent for tokens

The structure includes two legal entities - the issuer and the issuing agent. The advantages of such a decision are that the project becomes interesting for investors because it is open in a prestigious place. It is possible to open a bank account in Singapore.

Taxes in the Republic are accounted for with agency fees, their size is small. The company can receive accreditation on the exchange. An important advantage is that there is no need to pay capital gains taxes. The budget for creating such a company is over 29 thousand euros.

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