How do I open a bank account for a Partnership firm?

How do I open a bank account for a Partnership firm?

You can open a partnership. This is one of the most profitable and popular solutions. However, the most difficult thing is to open a bank account for a partnership without our help, as the partnership is a complex structure.

Note from professional specialists of IT-OFFSHORE: The partnership is that two or more people jointly conduct business and share their profits by agreement.

All limited partners are only responsible for their contribution, while the general partner is fully responsible for the firm. This applies to the Limited Partnership.

Countries, where is possible effective to open a partnership:
• England (L.P.)
• Ireland (L.P.)
• Wales (L.P.)
• Canada (L.P.)
• Netherlands (KB)
• Scotland (L.P.)
• Denmark (K / S)
• Sweden (KB)

What steps are needed to open a bank account for a partnership?

In order to open a bank account for a partnership, you must have a complete list of necessary documents.

You also need to have a business plan. An one A4 page is accepted. It is important to indicate the turnover of the company, as well as planned actions in the future.

Next is the choice of currencies. Each bank has its own agreements and can open accounts in US dollars or euros, and may not open.

open a partnership account

It is also necessary to actively keep in touch with the bank's employees during the opening of a bank account for a partnership. The fact is that when you are ready to provide information without delay, this will have a positive effect on the bank's attitude and the chances of opening an account for a partnership will be greater.

If not all, then most of the banks require a personal visit after making a decision. With a room, the probability of opening an account for a partnership will be higher.

We offer opening a bank account for a partnership with our clients with our help in the jurisdictions that best cooperate with this type of company. Banks of these jurisdictions provide an opportunity to open an account for a partnership.

Our professional specialists from IT-OFFSHORE provide full support and, if necessary, can register a partnership in most countries.

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