Best ICO projects

Best ICO projects

ICO  cryptocurrency projects allow you to work with block technologies and receive a stable income. Projects represent a way to finance start-ups with high returns. Exchange is made in virtual currencies. Often, the profit when bidding is 1000 to 2000%. The company's success is determined by the number of issued digital assets - tokens. As such, coins or crypto-currencies are accepted.

Ico indicators for the world

For the year 2017 it was received $ 3.2 billion in the world from the activities of ico, of which $ 300 million is for Russia. The forecasts for 2018 for international sites amount to $ 5 billion. The marketing of projects is designed to increase the flow of tokens in various sectors .

Projects are often associated with the promotion of high-tech projects. However, there are no restrictions on the direction of their development at all levels. Base for the database is a special source code - a block, which is not repeated and stored as the basis for launching crypto currency. Successful ico projects are replaced by others, the need for which is felt most acutely in the market of blockbuster.

Each program operates on the basis of an official website, which provides detailed information on the order of concluding the transaction and the services provided. Also on the portals is information about the campaign's founders, responsible persons and equipment developers. By results of 2017 the following review of ico projects is made, among leaders:

Filecoin - earnings of 300 million dollars a year, represents a database for data storage.

Tezos - $ 230 million, provide secure smart contracts.

EOS - 185 million dollars, involved in the application of blocking.

Bancor - total earnings for the year 150 million dollars, creates a protocol for the conversion of tokens.

Status - collected an amount of 110 million dollars, is presented by the messenger on an anonymous basis on the technology of blocking.

The ico rating of the 2018 projects will be announced at the end of the reporting period. However, among the largest projects are:

— Stack

— Metronome

— Bluzelle

— Nucleus Vision

— GoNetwork.

Many campaigns are launched due to the need to maintain ico projects due to the gradually increasing bandwidth. Scaling of crypto-currencies requires the creation of new technologies that allow you to quickly conduct transactions with tokens around the world. The evaluation of ico projects is carried out by independent experts on the basis of available data on financial activities from open sources. Promotion of ico projects is carried out naturally taking into account the needs of the financial market.

ICO block projects for today are one of the promising areas of earnings in the financial markets of various countries.


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