2018 Russian FTS “blacklist”

2018 Russian FTS “blacklist”

Strangely enough, but every year the activity of residents of Russia and the post-Soviet countries is growing. More and more often they are interested in how to open an offshore company on legal grounds or where to find out the offsore blacklist Russia.

It's no secret that the choice is in favor of tax-exempt jurisdiction or states where there is a special legislation to reduce the tax burden. The thing is that in unstable political situations one has to take into account both the current exchange rate and the growing fiscal capacity of the tax authorities. Therefore, the practice of preserving assets abroad is becoming more popular. In addition to tax savings, a number of jurisdictions give the foreign investor the opportunity to obtain a residence permit, sometimes even for the whole family. This happens if you decide to register a company in the UAE.

Russian Federation is extremely attentive to every attempt to reduce taxes. Among the actions on the part of Russia, one can pay attention to the state's ability to exchange financial information of beneficiaries with 57 countries of the world.
In addition, Russia has another tool for catching fans to reduce taxes. Based on our assessment, IT-OFFSHORE professional specialists tell, that the tax authorities of Russia carefully study the legislation and tax rules of states popular for doing business. In the event that there are tax opportunities in the state, on the basis of this, the tax authorities make up the so-called blacklist of offshore zones Russia.

Tax haven blacklist in Russia includes countries with which an agreement on the exchange of information has not been signed. But this does not mean that the list is useless. So, one year ago the BVI was excluded from the list. It can be safely said that the crossed out state is ready to start exchanging information with Russia.
When you plan to open an offshore company as a citizen of the Russian Federation, be aware that professional specialists from IT-OFFSHORE will help to better acquaint themselves with the document, the so-called blacklist of the FTS of Russia.

The tax authorities annually edit the black list of offshore companies in Russia.
We, as professionals of IT-OFFSHORE, remind that on January 1, 2018 the FTS blacklist of offshore countries in Russia came into effect last year.

According to our studies, South Korea and BVI are not listed from the listed countries. That's all.

Therefore, if you decide to register a company in the BVI or open an offshore company in South Korea, remember that since January 1 of the current year these zones have become transparent. Lists of offshore companies in Russia, as is known, are divided into two types - the blacklist of the Ministry of Finance and the blacklist of the Federal Tax Service. They can be divided into 3 parts:
• States that have a high international standard and financial control;
• States without an agreement on the exchange of information with Russia, but at the same time low-tax;
• States without an agreement on the exchange of information with Russia, but zero tax;

Therefore, if you decide to open an offshore company in Malta or on the Isle of Man, the FTS does not make sense to pick on you. But if your goal is - Belize or Seychelles (2nd group) or Andorra and Liechtenstein (3rd group) - the interest to you will be considerable.

Remember that the blacklist of the Federal Tax Service of the Russian Federation is changing annually, and the number of states ready to sign the exchange of information with Russia is growing. And with this growing and risks.

Based on our experience as IT-OFFSHORE professional specialists, at the moment there are already ready-made solutions in order to save assets and optimize taxes. Contact us - and we will help you register a company in a safe area.


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