Offshore Labuan - company registration in Malaysia

Offshore Labuan - company registration in Malaysia

Offshore Labuan is a special region of Malaysia, which is one of the main offshore centers in Asia. Over the years, the region has become very attractive for foreign businessmen who wanted to open a company in Malaysia because of their tax regime and business incentives provided to those who do things like business in Labuan.

Entrepreneurs can include several types of legal entities in this jurisdiction and our team can offer assistance in registering a company in the offshore Labuan, as well as provide high-quality legal advice.

Offshore Labuan - types of companies in Labuan

Foreign investors interested in registering a company in Malaysia can choose from two main types of companies available for this jurisdiction under the Companies Act in Labuan since 1990.

Companies can take the following forms:
• trading companies;
• non-trading companies (also called holding companies).

business in offshore Labuan

Before registering a company in Labuan, it is important to know that legal entities are liable to a different tax system, and they need to fulfill various requirements.

Offshore companies in Labuan can have 100% foreign ownership and our team can provide more detailed information on this issue.

Labuan offshore business benefits

An important aspect is that the company in Labuan does not need a director who is a citizen of Malaysia, since commercial rules stipulate that an investor can also act as a shareholder of the company, as well as a director of the company.

The minimum share capital of the company in Labuan is set at $ 1. In addition, company registration in Malaysia can be completed a maximum of two weeks, and the investor does not need to be present in the country at all stages of registration.

Также нет требований к аудиту, если только компания не работает в нескольких отраслях, таких как банковское дело или страхование.

Labuan’s legislation does not include the following taxes:
• sales and service tax;
• tax on goods and services;
• withholding tax on dividends;
• withholding tax on interest;
• capital gains tax.

There are also no audit requirements, unless the company operates in several industries, such as banking or insurance.

For those who are interested in obtaining more detailed information about the benefits and registration of the company in Labuan - there is an opportunity to contact us by choosing any form of feedback!

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