Gambling license in Costa Rica: profitable gambling

Gambling license in Costa Rica: profitable gambling

Modern Costa Rica is one of the most friendly and peaceful country. Jurisdiction skillfully built the economy through tourism as well as through gambling. Ultimately, a gambling license in Costa Rica is spread all over the world today.

Costa Rica offers an attractive and stable business environment. Although the telecommunications and transport infrastructure of Costa Rica is state-controlled and is need of investment, nevertheless it is the best the region.

Gambling is legal in Costa Rica and is governed by the gambling legislation. In Costa Rica, there is a gambling commission whose task is to develop legislation on gambling, as well as to appoint members of gambling. The latter body is responsible for the supervision of gambling in the country.

In accordance with the rules of gambling, any company wishing to provide gambling services must apply for a license. Applicants must be registered in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a profitable jurisdiction for online gambling operators. Locals are forbidden to engage in gambling of any kind, but they can rather get a license and manage the site of online gambling from Costa Rica. The main reason for this is that there are no specific licenses for online gambling; companies can instead apply for a data processing license.

Costa Rica Data Processing License for Gambling

The data processing license in Costa Rica can be obtained both by local legal entities, which are resident tax companies, and by foreign companies that do not have an actual presence in the territory of the country, but are registered in Costa Rica.

The data processing license in Costa Rica allows to install and manage online gambling internationally. Citizens from Costa Rica cannot participate in games, therefore, having a data processing license, you must block all IPs in Costa Rica on your website.

To be licensed to process Costa Rica data, an office must be rented. In this way, the inspectors of the local municipality can verify that the business really exists. Prior to obtaining a license, a health permit must be obtained from the Ministry of Health. After the data processing license is issued by the municipality, the office must be renewed, as the municipal officials will conduct periodic inspections to determine that the business is still functioning.

Advantageous getting a gambling license Costa Rica

Costa Rica is currently considered a leader in the provision of offshore licenses for gambling.

Costa Rica has one of the largest gaming markets in Latin America thanks to its favorable online gaming policy, which generates $ 14.5 billion a year.

To get a gambling license from Costa Rica, you must first contact us for help. You will receive a registered company in Costa Rica, a bank account and, of course, a license for data processing!

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