Czech SEMI license in 2017!

Czech SEMI license in 2017!

Czech SEMI license is one of the licenses authorizing the payment institution.
Unlike SPI, Czech SEMI license gives great opportunity of electronic money issuing.

Otherwise, SEMI in Czech Republic has the same opportunities as SPI, namely: accepting and sending payments to legal entities and individuals, currency exchange, accounts opening for legal entities and individuals, and so on.

The institution with Czech SEMI is similar to full-fledged bank, but with one exception - without ability to give credit.

At the same time, the cost of formation and owning a payment company is smaller than a full-fledged bank. This is one of the advantages of obtaining the Czech SEMI.

Financial company with SEMI license in the Czech Republic can provide the full range of services that the firm with SPI license, but also be able to issue electronic money, provide payment services related to electronic money, provide non-electronic payment services that are specified in the license .

Institution with SEMI license is defined as "financial institution receiving a license under this law and is authorized to issue electronic money or what is equivalent in accordance with the view of the Electronic Money Directive".

In addition to issuing electronic money, an institution with SEMI license in the Czech Republic has the right to participate in any of the following activities:

• providing of certain payment services;
• providing of operational services and closely related support services for the electronic money issuing
• making transfers without opening an account with individual or legal entity
• Payments acceptance from bank cards, SWIFT, through transfers, etc.

Please note that SEMI Czech is issued only to those institutions whose annual turnover is not more than 36.000.000 EUR. Otherwise, it will be necessary to consider an extended license.

If you want to get a Czech SEMI license, then you can implement your plan. To do this, please, contact us for help using any form of feedback!

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