Bank Alpinum in Liechtenstein for individual and corporate clients

Bank Alpinum in Liechtenstein for individual and corporate clients

For customers who are interested not only in safe depositing of funds, but also in professional capital management services, Liechtenstein banks will be a reasonable solution. This tiny European country located in the very heart of the continent attracts with stability, favorable conditions for doing business, high level of development of the banking sector. For a state that does not have rich natural resources, it is banks and the financial sector that have become priority areas for attracting foreign capital.

Considering the latest trends aimed at maximizing bank secrecy, significant re-turbulence occurred in Europe, as a result of which the most reliable and liquid institutions remained on the market.

Bank Alpinum in Liechtenstein is primarily an investment bank, the strengths of which are an individual approach to clients in matters of tax planning, efficient structuring and capital management, inheritance planning. In addition, the bank provides investment advisory and risk management services.

Founded in the 80s of the 19th century, Alpinum Bank over the years of its existence has earned a reputation as one of the leading European banking institutions specializing in investment consulting and asset management. Bank Alpinum belongs to two Swiss and one German family, and this also testifies in favor of reliability and respectability. The institution is a member of the Liechtenstein Bankers Association.

Alpinum Bank actively works with non-residents, both individuals and companies of various legal forms. Customers can open multicurrency current, savings, investment, corporate accounts with the ability to remotely manage funds. Accounts can be opened in euros, US dollars, Swiss francs, which are the national currency of Liechtenstein.

The bank provides services for businesses: corporate account, credit and debit cards, Internet banking, international payments and transactions, bank guarantees, loans. Like many other European banks, a client needs to make a deposit of 5,000 CHF when opening an account, but safe storage and capital increase are worth it.

In addition to corporate accounts, one should pay attention to the opportunity that is attractive for those engaged in e-commerce, namely, to open merchant accounts. Their presence, especially at a high-level European bank, will allow to conduct settlements with customers and receive funds not only from Europe.

A convenient tool in the management of funds is Internet banking, especially for foreign customers. You can request a balance online, view and form statements, send payments, and carry out bank card transactions. An accessible and user-friendly interface will allow you to control the movement of funds on your accounts around the clock without additional efforts.

Card products, such as VISA and MasterCard credit cards, will allow you to feel confident in any country, pay for goods and services, withdraw cash, as well as use discounts on air tickets, hotel reservations, free travel insurance.

Professional advice, or private banking, in the field of investment consulting is demanded by corporate and private clients. Competent investment of capital and increase of capital, financial planning and building an effective investment strategy - not only bank specialists but also professionals in the field of international law, tax accounting, stock markets advise on such areas.

To open a corporate account, Bank Alpinum must submit the following documents:
• foreign passport of the account holder (notarized copy);
• documents of the sample established by the bank for opening an account;
• a package of documents on the company (notarized copies under the apostille);
• documents on appointment of the director or minutes of the meeting of shareholders;
• Certificate of Good-Standing;
• statement of the essence of the company in free form;
• documents confirming the residential address of the persons managing the account (paid utility bills).

The procedure for opening an account takes about 7-10 days. A deposit must be made before the bank begins to consider the documents. In case of refusal, the deposit is returned to the client, in the case of a positive decision, the funds are credited to the account after its activation.

The bank can offer private clients a full package of services and the ability to remotely open an account. In addition to common banking products, wealthy clients will be able to protect, properly structure and increase their capital. The core business is working with securities, so customers have ample opportunities to invest money in stocks, bonds, and other securities. In addition, you can get individual advice on inheritance management and other financial areas.

To open an account for a private person:
• completed and signed applications and questionnaires for opening an account;
• a notarized copy of a foreign passport under the apostille.
The account opening period is 3-10 days.

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