The most promising offshore zones

The most promising offshore zones

Offshore jurisdiction is a country or a separate territory of a state whose legislation provides foreign enterprises registered in its territory with the opportunity to issue a company under preferential taxation or to completely release it from paying taxes.

A distinctive feature of OZ (offshore zones) is the presence of special possibilities for tax planning, as well as guarantees of financial secrecy at the legislative level. With the help of offshore operations schemes, you can quite legally reduce tax costs to a minimum, as well as isolate your business from various troubles.

In order to work effectively in the offshore, it is very important to choose the right country where you would like to register your company. In addition, it is extremely important to know all features of the offshore zones.

In this article, we offer the best offshore jurisdictions at the moment:

оффшоры на Кипре и Сейшелах

Cyprus today is the most promising offshore zone, since the offshore legislation of this island can be called perfect. Cyprus companies are subject to “Profit Tax” (income tax) at 12.5%. This income tax is one of the lowest in Europe.

Seychelles is a very economical and popular tax haven. Today, there are about a million registered enterprises in the Seychelles. Due to such popularity on the islands there are no strict restrictions or requirements for registration of a foreign company.    

оффшоры в ОАЭ и Белизе

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a promising offshore zone with a favorable investment climate and modern infrastructure. Offshore in the UAE is fully exempt from taxes. By registering your company in the UAE, an entrepreneur has a unique opportunity to conduct business activities throughout the world (with the exception of the Emirates).

Belize is a classic jurisdiction for foreign business. To register an offshore company in this country means to attach your business to a well-functioning system of tourism and business law. For foreign businessmen in Belize, there is zero taxation and a closed registry.

оффшоры в Панаме и Гонконге

Panama - due to the low cost and cost of servicing offshore in Panama, is the ideal solution for a newly established and small international business. An offshore company in Panama is completely exempt from taxes and reporting.

Hong Kong is the largest seaport in the world! With a large financial center and a developed infrastructure in the field of banking, investment and trade. Hong Kong is not a classic offshore, but there are almost all the conditions for a profitable business in any direction. Local legislation allows to cooperate with businessmen from around the world, not limited to a special tax regime.

оффшоры Новой Зеландии и Швейцарии

New Zealand is a small country with an atypical offshore zone. Despite its remoteness, New Zealand has a high standard of living, active state support of the social sphere and a low crime rate. The political system of New Zealand is one of the most stable. In New Zealand, there are different types of benefits to significantly reduce the effective tax rate.

Switzerland is also not an offshore jurisdiction, but a company registered here can expect a significant reduction in certain taxes. In addition, this country is considered one of the best countries in the world to live. Switzerland can be classified as one of the most respectable and stable financial centers in Europe.

оффшор в Дании, оффшор в Шотландии

Denmark is considered as one of the most expensive and highly taxable countries in the world. However, for resourceful non-residents, this country offers a huge amount of opportunities to save on taxes. Denmark has a good reputation in the eyes of regulatory authorities and tax authorities. Therefore, the Danish partnership can be quite an attractive option in tax planning.

Scotland has a completely unique status among European jurisdictions, since it completely exempts companies that do not conduct business on its territory from taxes. The confidentiality of entrepreneurs is valued in this country, so information about them will not be available to unauthorized persons. Most jurisdictions of the world consider Scotland to be a reliable country - there is a very unlikely change of government in it, therefore the economy has stability, the number of tax savings opportunities.

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