Registering or buying a shelf company in Scotland - the advantages and features

Registering or buying a shelf company in Scotland - the advantages and features

Scottish Limited Partnership (SLP) is one of the most attractive options for doing business abroad. Being essentially a midshore, Scotland combines the advantages of classic offshore and the status of a prestigious jurisdiction.

Регистрация новой компании предоставляет возможность выбора любой законной сферы деятельности, названия компании (обязательное требование – окончание LP), юридического адреса (Шотландия или Уэльс). Такая процедура занимает 12 рабочих дней и может осуществляться дистанционно. Квалифицированные сотрудники юридической фирмы возьмут на себя работу по оформлению пакета документов и проведению полного цикла регистрации компании.

To acquire an offshore company in Scotland, two options are possible:

- Register a new company.
 - Buy a ready-made company.
Both options have their own characteristics and the decision will depend largely on your individual needs.

Scottish Partnership Registration

Registration of a new company provides an opportunity to choose any legal area of ​​activity, company name (a mandatory requirement is the end of LP), legal address (Scotland or Wales). This procedure takes 12 business days and can be carried out remotely. Qualified employees of a law firm will take over the job of drawing up a package of documents and conducting a full cycle of company registration.

As a rule, the range of services provided includes:

- registration services;
- payment of required fees
- apostilled package of documents
- print release
- delivery of documents

The privacy policy assumes access to the data of the beneficiary only for the registered agent, but data on directors and shareholders are in the open access register. Therefore, it is advisable to use the service of nominal service during registration.

Buying a ready-made company

Ready-made offshore company is already a registered company, prepared for a quick sale, as a rule, with a nominal service. The list of documents includes a power of attorney and a trust declaration where customer data is entered.

The main advantage is the speed of receiving a package of documents and, accordingly, a faster start of business activity (renewal to a new owner takes place within 1-2 business days). Accordingly, it is possible to immediately use the company name, registration number and other data for registration of contracts, invoices, etc.

Please note that the cost of registering a company from scratch is similar to the cost of re-issuing a "shelf" company and is 1,450 USD.

Purchase of a company with a financial history (age of the company from 1 year)

The service of renewal of a company with a financial history is currently being worked out in detail by our company and will soon appear in the list of offers.

An indisputable advantage will be the presence of business reputation and customer base, which require considerable time. The new owner of the company can become the owner of a ready-made brand, an established business process and an accumulated consumer audience. The trust of counterparties is an important aspect, which speaks in favor of acquiring a ready-made company that already has a business reputation. Therefore, the presence of a certain period of activity, preferably from two years, will be an indicator of the stability of the enterprise. The cost of buying a company with a financial history is calculated individually, depending on the age of the selected company.

Independent registration or purchase of a ready-made company - in any case, the choice depends on the financial resources, the time frame and the tasks.

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