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Limited Partnership in New Zealand

Limited Partnership in New Zealand

31. 08. 2023

Limited Partnership in New Zealand is one of the business structures that allows for the attraction of investments from partners with limited liability. Limited Partnerships in New Zealand are regulated by the Limited Partnerships Act of 2008. In this business form, typically two types of partners are involved:

  • Limited Partners: Limited Partners contribute funds to the partnership but do not participate in the management of the company. Their liability is limited to the amount of their investment.

  • General Partners: General Partners manage the company and bear full legal responsibility for the debts and obligations of the partnership.

Limited Partnerships are often used for organizing investment funds and venture projects, where limited partners invest capital in a new enterprise, and general partners are responsible for direct management.

Registration Process:

To register a Limited Partnership in New Zealand, you need to submit an application to the Companies Office of New Zealand, specifying the name, address, business activities, and information about both general and limited partners. After registration, the partnership obtains legal entity status.

Advantages of Limited Partnership:

  • Attracting Investments: Limited Partnerships allow you to raise capital from investors who become limited partners and only bear the risk within the scope of their investments.

  • Separation of Management and Responsibility: In a Limited Partnership, general partners handle business management, while limited partners only invest funds.

  • Tax Optimization: Limited Partnerships are transparent for tax purposes, enabling flexible tax planning at the partner level.

  • Risk Limitation for Investors: Limited partners' risk is limited to the amount of their contributions, unlike general partnerships.

  • Involvement of Foreign Investors: Foreign companies and individuals can participate in the partnership as limited partners.

  • Structural Flexibility: There is flexibility in adjusting the ratio between general and limited partners.

  • Transparency of Structure for Investors: It is easy to track the contributions of each partner.

Limited Partnership in New Zealand offers specific advantages and limitations, and the decision to establish one should consider the specific goals and needs of the business. If you are interested in registering a Limited Partnership, please contact the experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

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