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P.T bank Internasional Indonesia

PT Bank Maybank Indonesia Tbk, formerly PT Bank International Indonesia, is one of Indonesia's leading private banks, which is part of the Malaysian group Maybank, one of the largest providers of financial services in South-East Asia. Bank Maybank Indonesia has a wide network of local and foreign branches, including India and Mauritius.

About the Bank

Earlier, Bank Maybank Indonesia was called PT Bank International Indonesia (BII). It was founded in 1959 and was licensed as a currency bank in 1988, after which the shares were quoted on the Indonesian Stock Exchange.

In 2008, shares of BII were bought by Maybank through subsidiary. Maybank is one of the five largest banks in South-East Asia, with total assets exceeding $ 150 billion. It has an international network of more than 2,200 branches and offices in 20 countries, which allows servicing more than 22 million customers.

After receiving approval from the Authority for Financial Statements, in 2015 Bank International Indonesia was renamed to Maybank Indonesia, confirming its membership to financial group Maybank.

Currently, Maybank Indonesia is one of the largest banks in the country. The bank owns more than five hundred branches that are located throughout Indonesia, as well as two foreign offices - Mauritius and Mumbai (India).

Bank services

Maybank Indonesia provides a full range of banking products and services to individual and corporate customers through branches and subsidiaries. Maybank Indonesia also promotes remote access services to accounts via mobile banking, Internet banking.

Bank Indonesia offers its clients various services. Among them:

• Multicurrency accounts.
• Deposits.
• Ability to make purchases in the Internet, pay for services.
• Loans.
• Business financing.
• Investment services.
• Money transfers.
• Working with Forex.

To give customers the opportunity to use their accounts regardless of location and time of day, Maybank provides Internet banking services. Through it, the user has access to savings account, credit cards, ability to make money transfers, etc. The system has several levels of security, which reliably protect Internet banking from hacking.

How to open an account

Specialists of our company will help you to collect all documents necessary for bank account opening, fill it correctly and send to the bank. After the documents arrive at the main office, the bank reviews the documents for about 2 weeks, after which the bank makes decision.