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Meinl Bank AG

Meinl Bank AG is a private Austrian bank, founded in 1923. It serves individuals and legal entities, offering clients various financial services combined with objective professional advice. The bank is constantly in search of innovative products allowing the clients to make easy working with money, increase the capital. Considering that many financial institutions of the post-Soviet space have correspondent accounts here, it becomes clear that opening an account in Meinl Bank is a profitable investment of money.

Meinl Bank AG Austria

Meinl Bank was originally founded as a credit company owned by Julius Meinl II. During the Second World War it was liquidated, and revived in 1956 on the initiative of Julius Meinle III. In 1969 the company bought shares of the Banking House "Brunner and the Company", ten years later it were merged into one organization called Meinl Bank. In 1984 the company was started by Julius Meinl V, who decided to convert it into a Private Investment Bank.

In 1987, Meinl Bank was transformed into a joint-stock company. In the same year, the first investment company was created. Since then, the institution has been actively expanding and is currently one of the largest private banks in the country, represented by subsidiaries and affiliates in fourteen countries.


Meinl Bank provides the clients with various financial services. Among them:

• Various financial consultations.
• Asset management, including via specially created investment funds.
• Work with securities, bonds, investments.
• Financial engineering.
• Operating and savings accounts for individuals and enterprises.
• Plastic cards MasterCard, VISA, Maestro Card (credit cards are issued only in euros).

Customers are provided with Internet banking in English, Russian, German languages. With this, you can make payments, monitor the movement of finance, make out loans, and perform other financial transactions.

To open an account, it is necessary to have a person who will manage money in the bank's office. If there is no such possibility, a meeting with a representative of Meinl Bank is mandatory. It takes about 10 days to open an account, after which the bank will make a positive or negative decision. The latter is possible if an inaccurate information was found or the client refused to answer questionnaires to the posed questions. To avoid the problems, IT-OFFSHORE will help to prepare all necessary papers.