Why it is worth to buy an offshore in the Marshall Islands

Why it is worth to buy an offshore in the Marshall Islands

Buying an offshore in the Marshall Islands is profitable. The buyer receives details of the company, as well as scans of registration documents on the day of the transaction. No need to run around, collect documents, check their correctness, wait for the registrar's approval. You can start working immediately after the purchase.

Advantages of the Marshall Islands for offshore

  • Offshore companies registered in the Marshall Islands are exempt from taxes;
  • Provision is made for sole proprietorship of a business;
  • There is no public register of officers of the company, full confidentiality for directors and beneficial owners is guaranteed;
  • English is official;
  • No accounting obligations, no need to file reports;
  • No foreign exchange controls;
  • You can issue bearer shares;
  • Many opportunities to protect assets;
  • Stable political and economic situation;
  • Requirements for businesses in the Marshall Islands.

All non-resident companies are regulated by the Marshall Islands Associations Act which includes the Limited Liability Company Act and the Business Corporations Act.

An offshore company must have a physical office (but cannot own real estate) and a registration agent. Without the latter, the legal entity may be invalidated. All companies registered here must keep a register of directors and a register of shareholders. The latter must contain the following information:

  • the personal details of the shareholders;
  • the number of shares held by each shareholder;
  • the date on which a person became a shareholder.

Both registers are kept at the registered office of the company, which must be located in the jurisdiction. The registers need not be filed with the authorities and are not available for public inspection. They must be kept at the registered office in the Marshall Islands.

Why it is better to buy a company rather than register from scratch

Buying a ready-made offshore 2022 is the easiest way to start a business with a quick start. The customer saves time and administrative effort because starting a business from scratch is a long and time-consuming process. Even if registration takes only a few days, the paperwork must be done correctly and all regulatory requirements must be met. Buying a company allows you to avoid the routine work associated with obtaining licenses, filing regulatory documents, and opening an account, since this was handled by the previous owner of the business.

Other advantages include:

  • A business can only be scrutinized and bought if it meets your requirements;
  • An operating company has customers that will stay with the buyer with the right strategy;
  • Buying a shelf company that has been registered but has not been operating guarantees a clean history, with no debts or credits. If you want, you can buy a company that has been around for a few years, which will give the business some credibility;
  • If the firm has employees that meet your needs, you won't have to waste time looking for personnel.

Company Analysis

When researching an offshore company in the Marshall Islands, pay attention to the following points:

  • information about the company, the main points, its positioning in the market;
  • status of the company - active, cancelled, liquidated, transferred;
  • the type of company - IBC (International Business Company) and LLC (LLC) are suitable for offshore;
  • financial projections and analysis;
  • key executives;
  • competitor analysis;
  • industry data, major trends.

Feel free to demand all the information you need from the seller or his/her representative. Your business success depends on it.

To buy an offshore with an unblemished reputation, make sure that the company is certified by the International Registry in the Marshall Islands. It confirms that the company is not tainted in any way, it has a good reputation with the state authorities, has paid all the fees, has no debts.

How to buy an offshore in the Marshall Islands

To buy an offshore in the Marshall Islands 2022, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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