Relocating the IT business to Poland: things you need to know

Relocating the IT business to Poland: things you need to know

Stable political and economic situation, low prices for products, the multilingual labor force - this is an incomplete list of the reasons why many experts recommend transferring IT business to Poland. The country is interested in developing information technology, so the government offers non-residents a simplified IT business registration procedure.

How to transfer the IT business to Poland

The process consists of the following stages:

  • Company registration.
  • Transfer of capital and assets to Poland.
  • Obtaining visas and residence permits for owners and employees.
  • Obtaining licenses and other permits (if required).

Business Registration

Polish law enables you to register your business online, and the process only takes a few days. The service is available only to citizens who have appropriate profiles in the state electronic services platform, known as the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG). Foreign investors who do not have access to this register can use the services of an intermediary company. IT-OFFSHORE has the necessary expertise, and we will happily assist you with this task.

The requirements for foreign investors are loyal:

  • The minimum authorized capital of Ltd. starts from 5,000 PLN.
  • Shareholders and directors may be foreigners.
  • Directors do not have to prove qualifications.
  • The company can be operated remotely.

Our specialists can help you gather documents and register a company within a few days.

Transfer of capital and assets to Poland

After registering a company in Poland you have to transfer share capital to a bank account, and we can help you to open it. The procedure is subject to 0.5% taxation.

Further capital injection into the company can be done in different ways:

  • Transfer to reserve capital, which is also subject to 0.5% taxation;
  • Through a loan - loans from shareholders are not taxed, while others are taxed at 0.5%.

Other assets can simply be moved, but if it's not the case, they can be transferred by purchase or lease.

Getting a Visa

If you plan to live and work in Poland and are not an EU citizen, you need to get a visa, a residence permit, and a work permit for yourself and your employees. These procedures are long, and not suitable for urgent relocation. So you have to carefully weigh the pros and cons before you take a decision. It may be more profitable to leave employees at home to work remotely.

If employees are relocating, you can take advantage of programs that make it easier to get a permit:

  • Poland. Business Harbour - aimed at attracting employees from countries of the former Soviet Union that are not members of the EU. The program allows issuing special invitations to work in Poland for a year without having to take a permit. The visa under this program is issued on an expedited basis.
  • Work entrustment. The company issues an application for the assignment of work to a foreigner, where it indicates its intention to hire a specific person. Based on this document, the employee can get a visa in Poland for up to 2 years.
    As soon as the foreigner gets a work permit, they have to conclude an employment contract with the company.

Getting a license

A license is necessary in some cases, and it depends on the specific focus of your business. Each case is considered separately. For example, a license is mandatory if you have a cryptocurrency or fintech company. Our specialists will help you to get it if necessary. 

How to move quickly the IT business to Poland

Contact IT-OFFSHORE experts to quickly and easily move your IT business to Poland in 2022.

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