Opening a company in Serbia and obtaining a residence permit

Opening a company in Serbia and obtaining a residence permit

Opening a company and obtaining a residence permit in Serbia is an ideal option for entrepreneurs who want to work not only in the domestic market, but also in the international market. The state actively cooperates with the European Union, China, Ukraine, America and other countries, and the policy provides for a lot of tax benefits. An entrepreneur, having created a company, can easily obtain a residence permit, with time - citizenship.

Opening a company in Serbia: advantages

The main peculiarity of Serbia are Free Economic Zones (FEZ), that bring various privileges to the companies having their headquarters in Serbia. The conditions are so favorable that more than 200 multinational companies have already registered here, and they employ more than 20000 people.

In these zones, it is possible to carry out various industrial and commercial activities, among which:

  • trade;
  • production;
  • insurance;
  • banking.

Revenues generated within FEZs can be transferred to other states without paying customs duties, fees, and taxes.

In addition, companies that are registered in the FEZ are exempt from VAT for:

  • production of goods inside the zone;
  • products that are imported into the zone;
  • trade, transportation of goods within one or more zones;
  • provision of services within one or more zones.

Customs procedures are fast and the goods are not delayed at the border. Serbia has signed agreements on avoidance of double taxation with many countries, which allows entrepreneur to save significantly.

How to start a company in Serbia

To register a company in Serbia, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts. Our specialists will provide high quality support from the first stage of company registration to obtaining a residence permit.

Step 1. Preparation of documents

The first step is preparation of documents. To register business in Serbia you need the following documents:

  • ID card (passport);
  • diploma;
  • Power of attorney from business co-founders (if any);
  • proof of marriage registration, birth of children, if the founder of the company will take his/her family.

It is necessary to take cash on the road, which should be put into an account in a local bank. If the businessman travels alone, $5000 will be enough, if he/she is traveling with family - $9900.

Step 2: Arrival

Once you cross the border and settle into your hotel, you need to get a white cardboard. This is what they call a paper with your physical address in Serbia, which should be used for various documents. The card should be registered with the police within 24 hours after your arrival in Serbia. If you do not do this, you will have to leave and re-enter the country. To avoid this, our manager will remind you about the white card and help you to register it.

Step 3. Company registration

Our specialists can register your company before you come to Serbia. For this you have to fill out a power of attorney for us, provide us with the necessary information. Our specialist will submit your company registration documents and when you will arrive in Serbia the company will be incorporated. Company opening in Serbia takes not more than 2 weeks.

Step 4 - Obtaining residence permit

In addition we will get you a work permit. Without this document you will not be able to act as a director (we will provide nominal employees), and you will not be able to get a residence permit. This process takes up to 2 months.

When the paper is received, to get a residence permit in Serbia gather the following documents:

  • ID card;
  • CV;
  • Paper with a description of your motivation;
  • Certificate of voluntary health insurance for one year;
  • Rental agreement, white card;
  • Work permit;

A bank statement showing you have an account and money in it. The paper will confirm that you have the means to live in Serbia for a year.
Additionally you need power of attorney for our employee, who will do all paperwork, represent your interests at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Serbia. We will also help you to fill out forms correctly, write a motivation letter.

The preparatory process takes 1-2 days. When the documents are in order, we will arrange an interview at the Ministry of Interior, we will accompany you. Paper on residence permit in Serbia will be issued within 1-2 months after the interview.

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