Best Countries for Business 2022: Top 6

Best Countries for Business 2022: Top 6

When choosing a country for business, one should be guided not only by the place of residence, but also by economic and political conditions. The list of favorable countries for business development in 2022 includes Japan, the United States, Singapore, Germany, Canada, and Switzerland.


Japan is one of the largest computer and telecommunications markets in the world, and the third largest economy after the United States and China. It ranks third in the production of automobiles and has a well-developed electronic goods industry.

Another plus is that the Japanese are actively buying different products, so the right niche guarantees profit. It is profitable to open a company in Japan in 2022 for businesses that are actively developing in such areas:

  • finance;
  • automotive;
  • high technology;
  • IT-sector;
  • pharmaceuticals;
  • computer science;robotics.

Among the reasons why Japan is suitable for starting a business is the competent and efficient processing of imports. In addition, a market economy based on digital innovation is actively developing here.


If you want to open a business in Europe, you should consider Germany. The country boasts a stable political situation and a developed economy. The three largest German cities can provide excellent opportunities in certain areas:

  • Frankfurt is suitable for financial entrepreneurs;
  • Berlin is ideal for companies involved in software development, marketing, and web design;
  • Munich - suitable for companies that are involved in the introduction of innovative technologies in production.

Another reason to register a business in Germany in 2022 is the largest consumer market in Europe. An important nuance is that in order to attract German buyers, you need to prepare a website in German. Germans give preference to their own web resources over international ones.


The U.S. has the advantage of success in economic development, active innovation, and job creation. The country actively exports computers, electrical equipment, transportation, chemical products, military equipment, and animal products.

It is profitable to open a company in the USA in 2022 in the following cities:

  • Miami;
  • Austin;
  • Los Angeles;
  • San Francisco.

Each state has its own taxes other than federal taxes. For example, in Nevada, Wyoming, and South Dakota, the corporate tax is 0%. So before you open a business in any particular state, you must carefully study the local laws.


Another European country that is good for business is Switzerland. It is not completely tax-free, but they are so low that the country is considered a true tax haven. The pluses of Switzerland are a developed economy, stable political situation, and a soft policy for starting a business.

Switzerland can boast developed industrial enterprises, quality workforce. The country is trusted, so registering a business in Switzerland in 2022 will help attract investors easily. A big plus for IT people is that tech startups are welcome.


To do business in Asia, you should consider Singapore, one of the richest countries in the world. Over the past two decades, it has earned a reputation as the fastest-growing business hub. It is also recognized by many organizations as the best country for business development.

Among the main reasons for Singapore's success are the rapid adoption of the digital economy and the absence of capital gains tax and dividends. The country is actively developing digital innovation. It is easy to start a company in Singapore in 2022 online, so companies that work in the IT sector are comfortable here.


Canada is a high-tech country with a high standard of living and low taxes. The state is an active exporter of energy, food, and minerals. Canada has the 3rd largest oil reserves in the world, and is actively developing in this direction.

Registering a business in Canada in 2022 allows inexpensive use of natural resources, such as gas, oil, and timber. You can easily find skilled workers here. Another big plus is direct access to the U.S. market.

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