Company in the Seychelles for online business in 2022

Company in the Seychelles for online business in 2022

A company in the Seychelles for an online business is a great option. The islands are considered the least corrupt jurisdiction in Africa (27th place in the world), have the largest GDP on the continent. The authorities pay special attention to attracting investment, so they offer easy startups and incentives for offshore companies. These include zero taxation on profits, capital gains, and stamp duties on business transactions. The islands also boast a high level of privacy, no tax inspections.

IBC in the Seychelles

A popular type of offshore in Seychelles for online business is an international company - IBC. Among the advantages of registering a company in Seychelles 2022:

  • There are no minimum capital requirements;
  • There are no restrictions on currency exchange;
  • Shareholders and directors are allowed of any nationality, they do not have to be local residents;
  • No secretary is needed;
  • Shareholders' meetings can be held online anywhere in the world;
  • Quick and easy to set up a quick business;
  • You need at least one shareholder and one director to register a company, which can be the same person;
  • International business companies do not need to prepare or file any financial reports. IBCs are free to organize their books in any way that best suits the company owners, so that they can understand their financial situation;

Another advantage is high confidentiality, because data on beneficiaries, directors, and shareholders are not published. Information about the actual owner is strictly classified.

Jurisdiction does not exchange tax data with other countries, so information about its owners is not easy to get. Internal corporate records, such as the Register of Shareholders, the Register of Directors, and all minutes and resolutions are kept in the office and are also confidential.

The only IBC documents in Seychelles that are kept in the public registry are the Memorandum and Articles of Association. They do not contain any indication of the actual shareholders or beneficiaries of the company.

What the owners of an IBC in the Seychelles should be aware of

An offshore company in Seychelles can not own local real estate. It can not engage in economic activities in the jurisdiction. This means that offshore companies are not allowed to trade here. It is only possible to work abroad.

How to register an IBC in the Seychelles

To open an offshore in the Seychelles you must:

  • choose a unique name.
  • rent an office.
  • appoint directors;
  • open a corporate account. This can be done remotely, personal visit is not required.
  • Prepare a package of documents (our specialists will help).

Registration takes 2-3 days. After its opening it is necessary to prolong the license every year. Although offshore company is not required to submit financial reports, you must keep receipts, bills. Rarely, but it may be necessary to show them to the regulator.

How to open an offshore in the Seychelles quickly

To quickly open an offshore in the Seychelles for an online business, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we will help you.

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