How to obtain EU citizenship in 2022

How to obtain EU citizenship in 2022

The easiest and fastest way to become an EU citizen is to invest. Portugal, Greece, France, Spain and several other countries have developed programs that allow investors to become citizens of their country under certain conditions. Each state has its own conditions that you need to know about before you can become an EU citizen in 2022.

How to become an EU citizen: basic requirements

The European Union includes 28 states, and to become an EU citizen, one must obtain a passport of one of these countries. In most cases, the applicant must meet the following requirements:

  • Live in the country for a certain period of time;
  • Provide proof of legal residence in the country. Usually one must obtain a residence permit or a permanent residence permit and legally work;
  • After a certain period of time after obtaining a residence permit to apply for citizenship.

Obtaining EU citizenship: the main options

  • Obtain citizenship by origin - e.g. someone's ancestor is a citizen of one of the EU countries. It can be not only parents but also grandparents, and in some countries even great-grandparents (Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Poland). This option is the most common, the procedure is fast and inexpensive;
  • Get naturalized. It is possible to obtain EU citizenship in 2022 if one has been legally residing here for a long time;
  • Through marriage with an EU citizen: the conditions for acquiring citizenship depend on the country. In Italy, for example, the status will be granted two years after marriage. During this time, the applicant must live in the country with his/her partner. If he/she leaves the country the waiting period will be longer;
  • Apply through the Citizenship by Investment program. Some countries offer the opportunity to quickly buy a passport for money - to buy real estate, government stocks, create and develop a company, etc. For example, Cyprus issues passports to investors in 6 months. provided that the applicant makes a minimum financial contribution of €2 150 000.

Citizenship of the EU for investment

The type and amount of investments that can be used to become an EU citizen varies in each country. Usually investors buy real estate and then obtain a passport after fulfilling certain conditions. People with an entrepreneurial streak invest not only in real estate, but also in business.

One of the best options "Citizenship for investment" was presented by Portugal. The program is called the Golden Visa, and allows foreigners to become investors who:

  • Buy real estate. The amount of the purchase depends on the area. For the sparsely populated region enough to buy a property for €280K, in the busy areas - for €500K. If an investor wants to reconstruct the building, built more than 30 years ago, you need €350K;
  • Make a capital investment. There are several options. For example, you can put in a bank account the amount of €1.5 million or invest it in certain investment projects. Another option is to invest €300K in scientific research or €250K in developments aimed at the preservation of cultural heritage. It is also possible to buy shares in venture capital or investment funds worth €500K and meet certain conditions;
  • It is possible to get citizenship in Portugal through investment in business. An entrepreneur must create 10 jobs in densely populated, 8 - in sparsely populated areas, and invest in the company from €500K. Jobs must be current at least 3 years. Ideal option for international business - Madeira, which offers many tax benefits to companies operating outside the island.

Holder of a Golden visa first gets a residence permit, after a few years - citizenship. It is noteworthy that he does not have to stay in Portugal permanently - it is enough to come for 14 days a year.

How to become an EU citizen quickly

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