How to buy a ready-made company in Germany in 2023

How to buy a ready-made company in Germany in 2023

If you are interested in the EU market, we recommend buying a ready-made company in Germany in 2023. It's an amazing opportunity to save from 1 to 3 months that you would spend on business registration and collection of documents. In addition, you can get a brand with a reputation that fully meets your ambitions. If you choose a shelf company that did not work on the market, you can easily customize it to the goals and peculiarities of your business. Another advantage is that if you buy a firm that has existed for several years, you will get more credibility from customers and lenders compared to the companies created from scratch.

Features of ready-made companies

When buying a business, there are usually two options to consider:

  • A shelf company that has never operated and was created specifically for resale. Its purchase allows buyers to save the time they would have spent on bureaucratic procedures and easily set up the necessary business processes.
  • A company that was active in the market, but for some reason, the owners decided to sell it. You must carefully check such a company before buying it because it may have debts, unclosed liabilities, or be associated with crimes.

The best option to buy a ready made business in Germany without dark history is to apply to an intermediary. For example, IT-OFFSHORE specialists thoroughly check all the companies before offering them to the clients.

How buying a German business works

The purchase and sale of the company are always done through a notary. Both parties have to provide the lawyer with passports and other documents required for business purchase legitimation. The notary prepares the papers. When re-registering a ready-made company in Germany in 2023, the following changes are usually made immediately:

  • A list of the new board of directors or management, another company name (if necessary), and a new legal address (if necessary).
  • Next, the buyer makes the payment. Information about the changes is sent to the Commercial Registry. The required fee starts from €60, depending on the importance of the changes. You may need to file a paid application to register your business with the Public Order Office or with the municipality.

How to pay for the purchased company

The form of payment is agreed upon in advance. You can choose from the following options:

  • Prepayment. You pay the full amount even before notarization, so you immediately become the owner of the company without any delays.
  • After notarization. The payment can be made after the notarization. In this case, the contract of sale will not take effect until you pay the seller. After that, the notary must confirm the completion of the transaction.
  • Through a special escrow account. For an additional fee, the notary will open an account where you can deposit the required amount. Once the documents are signed, transfer money to the seller, and the buyer receives the company's documents.
  • Remote purchase. The transaction can be done remotely by executing a power of attorney for the specialists of our company. The process of remote certification is not that fast, and it takes from 1 to 3 weeks.

How to buy a business in Germany quickly

To buy a ready-made company in Germany in 2023, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts.

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