Company registration in the UK for IT: the main advantages

Company registration in the UK for IT: the main advantages

Company registration in the UK for IT will allow you to develop entrepreneurial activity in a rich country. The national currency of the state is considered one of the most stable. To clarify the nuances of doing IT business in the UK in more detail, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

The advantages of opening a company

The country is on the list of top jurisdictions where you can develop businesses related to information technology. Security and the ability to reach a wide customer base are important for such activities.

The UK is a respectable state, which maintains relations with many countries. Opening a company in the UK for IT activities increases its competitiveness compared to companies registered in the classic offshore.

The state has a developed infrastructure. A promising firm in the IT industry must have an office. It is possible to get a loan from a bank in Britain on favorable terms and hire qualified workers. There is state support for start-ups, as well as high-speed Internet.

Despite the fact that the country's tax system is rigid, the IT industry can legitimately optimize rates. There is access to the services of British banks - you can get a loan at a favorable rate and open a bank account on attractive terms. It is possible to apply for a visa and subsequently move to this country.

Features of registration

The most popular types of companies are PLC and LLP. When establishing a PLC, registration of an office is compulsory but there is no need for big authorized capital - it should be at least 100 pounds. Shareholders can be both individuals and legal entities. Director may be a natural person (local or not). The amount of tax depends on the profit figures - from 20 to 26%.

The LLP-type firm is relevant if you want to optimize taxation and refuse to pay local taxes. This is possible if the company does not work in the country and does not receive income on its territory. At least two partners are required - they can be foreigners or nominees.

What documents are needed:

  • Passports of individuals;
  • Proof of residence;
  • Registration information for legal entities;
  • Information on the founders.

It is possible to submit the documentation online. It is advisable to make up several company names before submitting the information to the regulator, as some of them may not fit. The name must be unique, made up of Latin letters. If a business needs to be launched as soon as possible, there is an option of buying a ready-made company in the UK. 

On successful registration, the founders receive a certificate by email. It is considered official permission to conduct entrepreneurial activity within the country.

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