What is it a tax haven for IT companies?

What is it a tax haven for IT companies?

In the modern world of active development of IT and widespread computerization, the only safe option is to engage in the IT sector and open an IT company. Moreover, this kind of business is considered as the most highly profitable, which is especially relevant to the UAE market, where the economic sectors are considered among the most developed in the world. An IT company in Dubai is a pledge of a profitable and successful business, since IT services are most in demand in the business capital.

It is important to understand that there is a high level of competition, therefore a correct approach and a team of professionals in their field are required. Drafting an effective and win development strategy, to the smallest detail properly compiled company advertisements and the quality of work performed are indispensable components for creating a successful business. IT OFFSHORE will gladly assist in opening a successful company in Dubai, settle all possible problems with documentation, obtaining a license, help with practical advice, because we have professionals in our field with many years of practice.

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Advantages of Freezone

What kind of Dubai offshore does it cover for foreign IT business? If you decide to immerse yourself in this particular business sector, then opening an IT company in Dubai Internet City is a truly correct and sensible solution, since this is a place with a stable economy, where a wide choice of corporate opportunities opens up. Suppose your business is focused on customers within the country, then you have the opportunity to open a local IT company with the involvement of a local sponsor, whose role is purely nominal.

There are also special free zones with special economic status, which is perfect for companies with full ownership in Dubai. It is worth looking at Dubai Internet City. Ask why? Everything is very simple. For foreign business tax and customs benefits are provided, and modern infrastructure meets all international standards.

Types of companies and registration procedure

Dubai has the largest companies from around the world (Microsoft, Dell, Sony Ericsson, Canon), as well as many representatives of small and medium-sized information business and technology.

There are the following types of companies:
• Representation of a foreign company.
• Branch of a local company.
• FZ-LLC (Free Zone Limited Liability Company).

The main features of legal forms for legal entities in Dubai Internet City:
• Long-term corporate tax holidays (up to 50 years).
• Owning the assets and authorized capital of the company on a 100% basis.
• Repatriation of all capital.
• Import / export on the duty free basis.

It is worth remembering that any kind of activity is allowed only after obtaining a state license. Our IT OFFSHORE company will help you with this with pleasure, everything will be completed on time and at the proper level. In the presence of a full package of documents, registration will take just a few weeks.

Registration of a company implies the following conditions:

1. Payment of all government fees and obtaining the necessary license.
2. Office rental for the company.
3. Drawing up a business plan and other documents as an application to all documents for opening a company.

It is important to note that the cost of registration and further renewal of the license is fully paid off, and are quite insignificant compared with the indisputable advantages.
The benefits of Free Zone Internet Dubai Internet City are impressive. If you want to enter the international market, to make an information technology business truly successful, then this place is what you need.

Contact the IT OFFSHORE staff and get all the information you need. We will be happy to help you and your business!

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