Company liquidation process in Poland 2021

Company liquidation process in Poland 2021

There are some peculiarities of the company liquidation process in Poland in 2021. To clarify the nuances of company registration, the cost of opening, and the stages of closure, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Advantages of registration

Opening a company in Poland in 2021 has many advantages. This territory is the most optimal among other EU countries. One of the main advantages is the economic development of the country. The economy of the state is considered the most stable against the background of other EU member states.

The territory has a favorable geographical location in terms of logistics and transit. Poland is a connecting link between Western and Eastern Europe. It is relatively easy to start a company. According to Polish law, it is possible to open a company in Poland in a short period of time without the obligatory presence of the founders in the country.

Poland is characterized by one of the most optimal tax regimes among the EU member states. For example, the profit tax is 19% which is a relatively low rate compared to some other countries (Germany, Hungary). The cost of company registration is relatively low.

Another advantage of company registration is access to loans in the EU with low-interest rates. In some cases, companies can take advantage of special grant programs.

Peculiarities of company liquidation

Company liquidation procedure in Poland in 2021 is necessary in order to terminate the working activity of the company. This action allows protecting the rights of creditors. Even if the firm has not started working and has no obligations, it is removed from the register after going through the procedure.

When liquidation is necessary:

  • It is planned to stop working activities;
  • The company is bankrupt;
  • The term of operation prescribed in the founding documents has come to the end;
  • Death of the owner;
  • Other grounds prescribed in the memorandum of association.

When liquidating a company, special attention must be paid to contracts and agreements. All prescribed conditions must be met before the procedure begins. Employees should be informed about the termination of the employment contract in advance. The management of the enterprise should close issues with taxes, remove VAT accounting and conduct an inventory.

Options for liquidation of the object of entrepreneurial activity:

  • Sale or donation - the option is relevant if there are those who wish to purchase the object or accept it as a gift;
  • Stopping the business;
  • Liquidation procedure.

Initially, the management should decide on liquidation and write down the reason at the general meeting of the founders. A person responsible for the liquidation is appointed. After the company is removed from the register, a notice of the end of the liquidation procedure and a change of taxpayer status should be submitted to the tax authority.

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