Opening of a company in Curaçao in 2021

Opening of a company in Curaçao in 2021

Since 2010 the island of Curaçao has been part of the Netherlands. This jurisdiction has a positive reputation, opening a company in Curaçao in 2021 will allow optimizing tax payments. The territory is characterized by political stability, and there are programs that help to attract foreign investment.

The advantages of opening a company

Curaçao is one of the territories where it is becoming profitable to open a business. The island is developing economically; investments from abroad are attracted. It is possible to use a nominal service.

Jurisdiction is politically stable, the sales market develops actively, and favorable taxation conditions are offered. There is a wide enough choice of limited liability companies to register a company in Curacao in 2021. The process of setting up a company is relatively quick.

The most popular legal forms and their features

It is possible to open BV - a closed company with limited liability. The peculiarity of the creation of the company is that there are no requirements for the amount of capital and the management can include both individuals and legal entities, one of which should be a resident.

It is possible to create a private foundation. The advantage of the company is that it may be exempted from tax payments, there are no minimum capital thresholds, and no reporting is required. Such a company is established mainly for the protection of assets and solving inheritance issues. The fund cannot be used for entrepreneurial activities.

When opening an exempt private NABV firm in Curaçao offshore, the managing director must be a resident, can be an individual or a legal entity. At least one shareholder is required.

At the creation of a public company with limited liability at the time of registration 20% share capital is required. There are requirements for mandatory internal reporting, and some companies have to file annual reports and arrange for an audit.

Payment of taxes

The income tax rate is set by the state, but cannot be more than 30%. Some companies may receive an exemption from paying income tax. The basic rate of income tax ranges from 2 to 22%.

There is no capital gains tax, no currency control, no stamp duty. If the firm carries out foreign economic activity outside the territory, it is possible to pay income tax at 0%.

What areas are the most popular

Gambling is one of the most popular areas for investors. Attractive conditions have been created for the development of the gambling business in the territory. There is an opportunity to conduct business with a special permit.

Conditions of registration of gambling license in Curacao are clear and transparent, the application procedure does not take much time. There is a quality provision of servers for the creation of online casinos. The fee for gambling-related companies can be 2%. To clarify the nuances of opening a company in Curacao, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

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