The road to success or gambling activities in Curaçao

The road to success or gambling activities in Curaçao

If you are seriously thinking of plunging into the gambling business, then first of all it is important to think about registering a company and the corresponding license. A person who has just begun to grasp the essence of a business is quite easy to get lost in the variety of licensing services provided, which offer many jurisdictions. After all, one wants NOT to make a mistake and choose the most comfortable tax conditions so that the process of organizing the company and the relevant documents goes smoothly and the business only flourishes.

It is worth noting that it is possible to open gambling activities even if there are suitable jurisdictions in the country of official residence. This will require offshore territories. Now the question arises, which country is the most suitable for this kind of activity? Experts advise you to pay attention to the islands of Curaçao. The territory has long been considered the most favorable for the development of gambling activities.
What is gambling island like?

Curacao belongs to the Lesser Antilles, which are located on the Caribbean Sea. The island belongs to the Netherlands kingdom and is considered an autonomous state since 2010. The island is famous for its developed financial market and favorable economic situation. The state has recorded a huge number of offshore companies, which means of its popularity throughout the world.

Curacao - The most optimal solution for opening a gambling business, since the issued license applies to absolutely all types of gambling activities without any division into categories. Today it can be bingo, tomorrow poker, further bookmaker organizations, etc. Very tempting, isn't it? IT OFFSHORE will be happy to assist you in obtaining a long-awaited license in Curaçao and opening a promising business in this wonderful place.

Peculiarities of jurisdiction

The Ministry of Justice of the country is engaged in the issuance of a license, acting under the law on gambling. You can issue a sub-license when the already registered owner of the casino sublicense is issued to another legal entity.

Our specialists are registering on Curaçao a private limited liability company (NABV), which has the status of e-Zone, which implies a tax payment of 2%. You will receive permission to conduct gambling business and open a bank account. IT OFFSHORE guarantees the most simplified and fast procedure, an individual approach. You get a true turnkey solution.

The process of obtaining the license

The process of obtaining a license on the island of Curacao is truly as fast as possible, and takes approximately 1-1.5 months. The application is submitted after the opening of the company. After that, the relevant authorities begin the review process.

We offer the following package of services:

- state duty for the registration of the company on the island and obtaining a license;

- provision of services of a registration agent;

- The legal address of the company in Vanuatu;

- delivery of all documentation.

Obtaining a license involves the following step of the action:

- Company registration;

- filing an application and documents for obtaining a license to the relevant authorities;

- payment of all from government fees;

- obtaining a license if approved by the Department of Justice.

Curacao, undoubtedly, offers a number of advantages, which will favorably play on the development of the gambling business. For some, the most important is a good reputation and reliability of the jurisdiction, for the second, the Simplified process of obtaining a license is important. And all this offers a truly promising island of Curaçao. As a bonus, you will receive a low tax of 2% and sparing requirements of the Department of Justice.

Gambling license on the island of Curacao is a reasonable and fast option to open a gambling business. In this jurisdiction many online casinos are successfully engaged in international gambling activities. IT OFFSHORE specialists will be happy to help you get a long-awaited license and answer all your questions.

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