The best states for obtaining a Forex license in Europe

The best states for obtaining a Forex license in Europe

Obtaining a Forex license in Europe in 2021 is relevant for many entrepreneurs. When choosing a country to open a company, it is important to consider the legality of such entrepreneurship in a particular state, as well as the timing of obtaining the document.

The reputation of the territory is also an important factor. Please contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE in order to clarify the details of registration of the Forex License in Europe in 2021.

Top countries for obtaining a document

Businesspeople who want to start a business in foreх need to get acquainted with the most popular jurisdictions for this activity.


Forex license in BVO in 2021 is a profitable option. You can only order the document from the regulator if you have a real local office. The business must be managed from the jurisdiction. Two or more directors are required. The minimum capital must be $250,000. 12 weeks on average are needed to obtain the documentation.


Registration of forex license in Malta in 2021 is relevant for those who plan to cooperate with the major markets in Europe or start a business in the European Union. The procedure is carried out in accordance with the EU legislation, and it is required to fulfill a number of requirements.

It is obligatory to hire educated and experienced staff. Availability of real physical office is required as well. There should be at least one director with experience in the Forex market and minimum of 730 000 EUR of working capital.


Forex License Cyprus 2021 allows you to sell and receive customer deposits and establish an economic presence in any EU country. To formalize the document you need to meet the conditions of the regulator. Compulsory condition is the local office.

In addition, at least three directors with experience and residency in this state are required. The minimum working capital is 750 000 EUR. Filing of financial reports and protection of traders are required. On average six months are required to obtain a license.

United Kingdom

There are strict requirements for obtaining a Forex license in the UK in 2021. A physical office is required. A minimum of one director with sufficient experience in the foreign exchange market is required too. The director must reside in the UK.

Qualified staff is required. Working capital should be at least 730 000 EUR for a full dealer's license. Term of obtaining is up to six months.

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