Nevis LLC- privacy and strong asset protection

Nevis LLC- privacy and strong asset protection

If you care about the protection and confidentiality of assets, open an Nevis LLC. Information about the owners of the company on the island is strictly classified, and it is practically impossible to seize assets or forcibly liquidate the organization.

The advantages of Nevis for business

Nevis, an island in the Caribbean Sea, offers many interesting products to entrepreneurs. Among them:

  • Political stability;
  • Government policy to maintain offshore haven status;
  • Exemption from many taxes;
  • You can work with cryptocurrency;
  • Excellent Internet connectivity;
  • No minimum registered capital;
  • Possibility to register a company in 10-12 days.

The Nevis government pays special attention to privacy. Data about the owners are kept in the strictest secrecy. 

Advantages of LLC for protection and confidentiality of assets

An LLC is an entity that combines features of a corporation, LLC and sole proprietorship. Due to its flexibility, the form is equally suitable for companies with multiple owners or with a single owner.

Registering an organization as an LLC provides many advantages to the owners. The company can be owned by a single owner, and if there is more than one owner, the owners are counted as members, not shareholders. Thus, they do not have stock that can be seized in court.

By opening Nevis LLC, you will protect the assets of the business from borrowers. Local courts will not recognize decrees from courts in other states if there is a requirement to liquidate the entity or pay compensation.

A foreign creditor can try to win the case in Nevis, but the services of a lawyer are expensive; and before filing a claim you have to pay into the treasury more than 25 thousand dollars. If the claimant decides to do this, s/he must present unconditional proof of guilt, or s/he will lose.

Other Benefits of an Nevis LLC

  • Nevis LLC is a legal entity that can do a variety of things: sue, invest, and buy tangible assets. In this way, the entity can conduct business instead of a person. This is convenient if certain investments are restricted in your country (e.g. cryptocurrency operations).
  • Through an LLC, its owner can continue to operate in the country with which his state has severed economic ties.
  • Tax benefits, no capital gains tax, and no tax on profits made outside of Nevis.
  • An annual state fee of $250.
  • No public records.
  • Transfer to another jurisdiction possible.
  • Financial statements must be kept, but no audit is required.

To open Nevis LLC in 2021, contact IT-OFFSHORE experts and we'll help you.

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