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Offshore in the Seychelles in 2021 has many advantages that remain unavailable in other states. The jurisdiction is considered a classic offshore because of the lack of taxation of commercial facilities and financial reporting requirements. There are minimal conditions regarding physical presence when registering offshore in Sechelle in 2021.

Advantages of registering

Seychelles is a relevant option for optimization of taxation of international trusts and commercial enterprises. The territory is a financial center with many branches and representative offices of large firms.

The main advantages are:

  • Ensuring anonymity;
  • Closed registries and possibility of nominal service;
  • No conditions regarding the smallest amount of capital;
  • Minimal requirements for the directors and shareholders;
  • Registration of the company is relatively uncomplicated.

The reporting conditions are minimal. The company can legally operate. To learn more about the details of opening a company contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

Conditions for opening

Standard requirements for the minimum share capital - it must be more than $100,000. Pledged and unpledged shares are allowed. Bearer shares are not allowed. Storage of corporate records is possible in any location.

This offshore will be suitable for those who value confidentiality and who plan to move permanently to this territory. This jurisdiction is the most interesting for international companies, foundations and trusts.

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