High-risk business in 2021: in which country to open a company

High-risk business in 2021: in which country to open a company

There are some peculiarities of registering a company for a high-risk business. High-risk activities may not always be dangerous - often they are promising and legal. The difficulty in opening such a company is that it can be problematic to open a bank account for high-risk and to operate in the onshore zone.

The concept of a high-risk business

There are several criteria by which financial institutions classify high-risk businesses. Such companies are characterized by high repayment rates, many small transactions are performed, and the company's credit history is nonexistent or negative.

The main forms of high-risk business:

  • Gambling and betting arrangements;
  • Television marketing;
  • Conducting forex trading;
  • Mining of cryptocurrencies;
  • The field of pharmacology.

In order to open a company for a legitimate business, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you to find the best solution and choose the right jurisdiction where you can get a license to operate.


The use of companies in Belize is quite wide. They can be registered for the use of trade schemes, the opening of holdings to protect assets, the registration of ships, and obtaining a license to open an online casino. In addition, it is profitable to create offshore funds or trusts in the territory.

The advantage of opening a company in Belize is that the economic and political situation is stable, and the cost of registration is relatively low. Registries are closed, through the use of nominal services can maintain anonymity. If the company does not have resident status, it is exempt from paying VAT and local taxes.


It is profitable to open a gambling business in Malta. According to the legislation of this jurisdiction, you can get four classes of licenses. It is possible to create a casino, a bookmaker's office, a betting exchange, or the production of gambling equipment. 

The fixed rate of gambling taxes for internet casinos is 7000 euros per month. For bookmaker offices it is equal to 0.5% of the number of bets, for poker - 5% of income. The corporate fee is 35%. You can get back up to 30% of the fees paid. The country has a positive reputation and has a favorable tax climate.


The international or foreign, exempt company, limited liability company, a firm with unlimited liability, and local company can be opened in the territory.

If the company is offshore, it may not pay income tax and corporation tax, export of capital, inheritance, stock exchange profits, and turnover tax. The most relevant way to deal in securities in Vanuatu is to obtain an SDL dealer's license. This permit allows you to buy and sell securities, trade currencies and manage investments. This permit is suitable for stockbrokers.


This jurisdiction is suitable for setting up a gambling business, it is possible to obtain the appropriate license and work legally. To obtain a permit you will need to establish a company in the territory, apply for a document.


This territory is a member of the EU, known as the center of online gambling. Licenses for the operation of online casinos began to be issued in the territory in the late ‘90s. One can get a betting license, for betting intermediaries, gaming operators, for slot machines.

Only operators with a proven positive reputation, who have a good financial position and a real plan for business development can get a license. The fee on income from these activities is 1%. There is no VAT.

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