Where to get an offshore banking license 2021

Where to get an offshore banking license 2021

The process of obtaining an offshore banking license in 2021 is becoming more complicated. The number of countries where it is possible to obtain this document has decreased significantly. To choose the most suitable jurisdiction, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

TOP Countries for Licensing

The offshore banking licensing industry has suffered adjustments in recent years. However in spite of the new difficulties, it is still possible to obtain an offshore license but it takes time and complicated documentation.


This island state is considered one of the leaders in offshore banking. The government is interested in attracting businesspeople planning to open international companies.

The recipients of licenses for offshore banking in Dominica in 2021 are required to pay income tax, the amount of which may be about 30%. The registered capital must be about $1 million. It is mandatory to have a representative office in the territory.

Puerto Rico

Obtaining an offshore banking license in Puerto Rico in 2021 is relevant because the international profit tax is only 4%. The minimum capital is at least $5 million. Only businesses that are registered under local laws may apply for a bank permit. The permit is valid for 15 years, after which it can be renewed.


To apply for a license for offshore banking in Vanuatu in 2021 you need to confirm the financial status and deposit a minimum of 500 thousand dollars. You will need to pass the identification and register a company in accordance with the requirements of local laws. Be sure to hire local employees.


The advantage of obtaining a license for offshore banking in Panama in 2021 is that it is available for both residents and non-residents. It is important to comply with all requirements, confirm the legality of income, and collect the founding documents. Local director is required. It is required to deposit at least $3 million into the account. If income is received outside the territory, it is not subject to taxation.

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