Where to open an account for high-risk activities in 2021

Where to open an account for high-risk activities in 2021

Opening an account for high-risk activities in 2021 can be difficult because it is necessary to pass strict controls, given that not all banks are willing to cooperate with such organizations.

High-risk activities include such areas as operating on the foreign exchange market and conducting online auctions. These are dating sites, casinos, online games, brokerage work, and operations with cryptocurrency.

Nuances of opening an account for high-risk companies

Such companies have problems with opening and maintaining an account. Many banks refuse them. If it was possible to open an account, there could be problems with transactions. They may request documents from each of them and conduct inspections.

If banks refuse to open accounts, there is an opportunity to work with the European payment system. It is possible to open an account in less than 1 week. There is a possibility of creating an individual IBAN for the company and SEPA account for operational receipt of payments from different countries.

For account registration, we require statutory documents, licenses (if any), information about owners and directors, and a detailed business development plan. It is likely that translation into English will be required.

In which banks is it possible to open an account?

Choosing the financial institution where you can open an account for high-risk activities in 2021 should be approached with caution. It is desirable to choose institutions that work with non-residents and offshore organizations. To find the right bank, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE.

C.I.M. Banque

This bank in Switzerland refers to a private organization, which provides a wide range of services. The bank is active in online business, including those related to Forex, trading and international companies. CIM Bank offers a modern and user-friendly mobile banking service available around the clock.

Valartis Bank

This bank in Liechtenstein is among the best ones in Europe and provides effective investment tools. It specializes in creating private and corporate accounts in different currencies. It is possible to open an account remotely. The final decision on the possibility of opening an account is usually made within 14 days.

Hermes Bank

Hermes Bank is located in Saint Lucia. This institution specializes mainly on service of non-residents. The client service is on a high level, and anonymous information about clients and carried out operations is kept. It is possible to make transactions using online banking.

Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited

Opening an account with a bank in Mauritius avoids double taxation and currency control. Bank secrecy laws are observed. It is possible to open an account for a non-resident, and the requirements for customers are relatively loyal.

ABC Banking Corporation

This bank in Mauritius is known for its active cooperation with non-residents. Both private and corporate clients can open an account with ABC Bank without arriving in this country. It is possible to create an account quickly, on average, in three days. There’s also an opportunity to monitor transactions using Internet banking.

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