Stage of obtaining a Gambling license in Curacao

Stage of obtaining a Gambling license in Curacao

Obtaining a Gambling license in Curacao is relevant - such permits have been issued on the island since the early noughties, and the subject is considered one of the most popular licensors. For registration of the license, a minimum package of documentation is required, and the processing time of the application is relatively short.

The advantages of obtaining a gaming license in Curacao

To apply for a Gambling license in Curacao, contact our experts at IT-OFFSHORE. We will help you gather all the necessary documents and open a business with the registration of the license. The timeframe for obtaining a permit is about 2 months on average.

Curacao offers good conditions for business activities, it is especially profitable to register online gambling business in the territory. The main advantages are the following:

  • Developed infrastructure in the jurisdiction;
  • Technical support is offered;
  • It is possible to optimize taxation advantageously.

Some companies can pay a 2% income tax rate. The gambling license obtained in this territory is recognized by most countries, and with special permission it is possible to work with the local market.

How to get a license?

The procedure for obtaining a permit includes several steps. It is required to register a company in E-ZONE beforehand. After this, it is necessary to collect all the documents and send an application for a permit.

The main conditions for registration are the following:

  • There is a company that has been registered in the territory;
  • There is a detailed description of the product;
  • The property has a domain.
  • There is a technical audit.

To register a company, a special permit is required. The company must meet the requirements of the zone. The company can work only with service users from other countries or with local customers, but in the latter case, it is necessary to make a special application and submit it to the authorities for consideration.

Gathering of documents for registration

A number of documents need to be prepared in order to register a business and obtain a gaming license. The director, shareholders and beneficiaries need to collect papers such as certificates of no criminal record, copies of identification documents, letters of recommendation from financial institutions and employers.

They should confirm residence addresses and provide feedback information. All documents must be translated into English and notarized. Besides, additional data should be provided. The confirmation of the legality of receiving funds is obligatory.

It is important to describe the planned activity in detail. It is necessary to provide a document, which confirms the ownership of the domain, a detailed description of the games, which are planned to offer customers. For the full operation of a company with a license, it is required to open an account.

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