Top 3 countries to open a freelance company in 2020

Top 3 countries to open a freelance company in 2020

With the global pandemic, there are more and more people seeking to earn remotely. While only some of them only the peculiarities of freelance, more experienced people seek to bring their activities to the world market and move abroad. To open a company as a freelancer in 2020 is quite easy - the main decision to make is where to open the company.

Why should a freelancer start a company?

It is not possible to take a strong position in the international market alone. No matter how professional and demanded a specialist is, he or she will need a legal entity to work abroad - it is a matter of prestige. To earn good money not only in the native country, a freelancer must create for the image of a successful businessperson. If there is not enough experience to register a company from scratch, qualified IT-OFFSHORE specialists are ready to provide consulting and legal support to entrepreneurs and will offer a convenient and affordable package of services.

Selection criteria for freelancer business immigration

When choosing a country for business immigration freelance, as opposed to traditional entrepreneurship, it is usually recommended to go beyond analysis of the economic environment and tax system of the future jurisdiction. For such freelancers, comfort and living standards are equally important. The cost of living per month, the climate, the availability and speed of the Internet, and the foreign language may be determining factors in choosing a country.


The most comfortable conditions are in areas of the south-east, particularly Hong Kong. First of all, this jurisdiction is attractive due to low taxes and affordable loans under special government programs to support small and medium businesses. Hong Kong has a well-developed infrastructure, the largest Asian markets are in close proximity, and there is practically no language barrier (English is very common). IT-technologies and programming, the sphere of entertainment, and finally environmental projects are very popular. It will take one and a half weeks to register a company in Hong Kong.


Last year, the income of freelancers operating in America increased by 78%. The most popular were legal services, IT-technologies, design, marketing and sales. A company for freelancers in the states will cost its creator a great deal, but the profit, with almost 100% probability, will justify all costs. Conditions of registration of the company in America may vary depending on the chosen state, but problems with language, infrastructure, speed and availability of any kind of Internet will not arise there. The tax system eliminates the "double" payment of taxes and is quite loyal to individual entrepreneurs.


In the United Arab Emirates, a freelancer is considered a one-person company. A license will, in any case, be required to carry out legal activities in that country and the procedure will take one and a half weeks. A foreign citizen can obtain a license in the Free Zone (FZ). Owners of companies in the UAE, according to the laws, may not pay taxes legally for 50 years. The most popular fields in this country are IT (programming, web-design) and entertainment (actors, animators).

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