Registration of a limited liability company (GmbH) in Switzerland

Registration of a limited liability company (GmbH) in Switzerland

Many entrepreneurs seek to open a limited liability company GmbH in Switzerland. This jurisdiction is respectable, and it is profitable to trade in it, as well as to conduct business related to information technology. If you need advice, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of registration

GmbH in Switzerland registration implies a limited liability company. This legal type is among the most popular ones, as the management and registration process is simple.

The smallest amount of capital for GmbH in Switzerland is 20,000 francs. This amount is divided into parts - quotas. Each of them has a nominal value of 100 francs. At least one shareholder is required, who decides to start a company with registration in the Commercial Register.

There are no conditions regarding the appointment of the board of directors, but the managing director is responsible. At least one director with Swiss citizenship is required to run a business. No secretary is required.

Keeping records            

Financial reports are required to be retained in order to be available upon request from the fiscal authorities. Documentation is submitted each fiscal year. There is a possibility of exemption from audit if certain requirements are met.

If the firm employs less than 250 people, has assets up to 20 million francs or an annual turnover of less than 40 million, no audit is required.

Registration procedure

The name of the company must comply with certain rules. It requires an abbreviation for the legal entity, and the name must be unique. It is allowed for the name of the company to be in any language using the Latin alphabet. A translation into a national language may be required.

To open a company it is necessary to prepare copies of identification documents of shareholders and presumed directors and investors. Information on the type of activity and details about the company founders are required.

It is necessary to open a corporate bank account in the name of the company to place capital, and file such documents as the charter and declaration. It is obligatory to pay the state fee and register with the tax authorities.

You will need a licence to work in some areas. These include banking, health care, alcohol trade, and so on.

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