Swiss personal accounts and bank secrecy

Swiss personal accounts and bank secrecy

It is profitable to open a personal account in Switzerland, because the banks of this country are considered reliable and offer good services. To clarify the possibility of opening an account in this country and prepare the required documents, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

About banking secrecy in Switzerland

Registering a personal account in Switzerland has always been popular because this country is known for banking secrecy. Clients of financial institutions have been protected from interference with their private financial assets for many years now. Subsequently, the pressure on this country has increased and the concept of bank secrecy has become more blurred.

As a result of strong international pressure, ensuring confidentiality became a complex process. Traditionally, Switzerland remains neutral in terms of the policy. The definition of bank secrecy has changed with the introduction of financial transparency requirements.

Relatively recently, the Dutch tax authorities have sent a request to Switzerland for information about the clients of the financial institution Credit Suisse. Such information was required to determine whether customers had evaded taxes. It may be concluded that it is risky to open an account in Switzerland. Although the country seeks to maintain banking secrecy, it is under pressure to share information automatically.

The advantages of an account in Switzerland

Opening a bank account in Switzerland has several advantages. The country is prosperous and advanced and has a high GDP. The banking sector is developing successfully.

One of the main principles of bank policy is the safety of clients' deposits. The funds are reliably protected, and all banks in the country are parties to the agreement on the protection of funds. The deposit of each user is insured by the state.

Banking institutions offer a high level of service. Each bank offers an individual approach to the client, many different services for opening both personal and corporate, as well as an investment account.

TOP-5 banks for account opening

One of the popular financial institutions where it is profitable to create an account is CIM bank. This is a private financial institution. It is possible to create a personal, corporate, current or investment account, as well as a multi-currency one.

Another popular bank is UBS Zurich. An institution specializes in creating investment and savings accounts in different currencies. Services are provided in Russian, German, English and other languages. On average you can create an account in 3 weeks.

A well-known institution is ClaridenLeu Bank Zurich. The institution specializes in opening investment and savings accounts in different currencies. The term of the opening is about a month.

AP Anlage & Privatbank AG is a Swiss private bank. It operates in Switzerland, other European countries, and the CIS space.

BNP Paribas (Suisse) SA specializes in opening personal and corporate accounts. To register an account you must visit the bank in person.

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