How to register a company in Armenia in just 3 days

How to register a company in Armenia in just 3 days

It is possible to open a company in Armenia in 2020 in just three days and remotely - the personal presence of the founder is not required. Considering all the advantages of the jurisdiction, it is still not yet very popular among foreign investors, hence it offers businesspeople favorable starting conditions.

Advantages of business in Armenia

  • Good geographic location.
  • The company registration procedure does not imply the personal presence of the founder.
  • Possibility to create a company with 100% financing from abroad.
  • Compressed terms of registration (1-3 working days).
  • Low tax rates.
  • The minimum allowed amount of authorized capital - only 1 euro.
  • Record low registration fees in comparison with European countries.
  • No requirements for obligatory rent of commercial premises for office.
  • Access to major European and Asian markets.

The procedure for registering a new company in a jurisdiction has been simplified to the limit. However, qualified assistance to the entrepreneur will still be needed. The key to a successful business in Armenia is the choice of an appropriate legal form of ownership. Lawyers of IT-OFFSHORE company will help to choose the optimal variant, which will ideally suit the sphere of the firm's activity and, at the same time, will help its owner to reduce the tax burden. We will organize the process of purchasing or establishing a business in Armenia, saving the entrepreneur from the need to spend their resources on bureaucratic red tape.

Before submitting an application for registration of a new company, it is necessary to inform the controlling bodies about its planned place of registration, actual address, list of top managers and founders, the size of the authorized capital, the form of management, and responsibility of the participants.

List of documents for company registration

  • Copies of identity documents of founders and top managers.
  • Signature sample cards of persons having access to financial transactions.
  • Copy of the decision on the firm establishment.
  • Articles of Association, founding agreement and registration certificate.
  • Additional documents, individually and upon request of the State Register of Legal Entities of the Ministry of Justice of Armenia.

In the case of a remote account opening, the power of attorney from the owner of the company in the name of the person is authorized to represent its interests in various state bodies.
All documents should be translated into Armenian and certified by a notary. The name of the future firm is also of great importance - it should be sound and unique. If there are problems with its selection, one can buy a firm in Armenia in 2020. There are ready-made offers in the market with zero turnovers and "clean" documents. It is necessary to approach the purchase and sale of the company with a great deal of responsibility, as fraudulent actions are likely to happen, especially when making a deal remotely.

The next step on the way to the existing business in Armenia is to open a corporate bank account. Banks, as well as the government of the country, are interested in attracting new clients and foreign capital, so there are practically no problems with service for entrepreneurs.

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