How to get a residence permit in Finland

How to get a residence permit in Finland

Scandinavian countries are popular for obtaining residence permits, as they are stable and respectable. To get a residence permit in Finland, contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. We can help you find answers to your questions.

Basis for application

You can apply for a residence permit in Finland in 2021 under certain conditions. Current laws will regulate the application process for this status. The purchase of real estate regardless of its value is not considered a valid reason to buy a residence permit in Finland. However, if applied for on some other grounds, the presence of an immovable asset can be an advantage.

Employment can be a basis for obtaining a permit. In order to find an employer, it is important to know the national language well, have sufficient education, and skills that are in demand in the labor market.

Another ground can be the conduct of business. It is possible to create a company in the country or to apply for a license for a sole proprietorship. You must have correctly drawn up a business plan, proof of financial solvency, and place of residence.

Students of educational institutions have the right to apply for a residence permit. Persons engaged in science or professional sports in the country can get the status. It is possible to apply for a residence permit under the family reunification program.

What do I need to provide?

In order to obtain a residence permit, a number of documents are required. They include an application for a residence permit, a passport, and photos. In addition, a justification for the issuance of a residence permit is required.

Such papers include confirmation of enrollment in an educational institution, employment contract, and data on the registration of the business. Proof of residency in the state, account statements, and proof of payment of fees must be provided as well. In some cases, additional documentation is required.

Stages of obtaining

Documents for the first residence permit must be submitted in person. In Russia, you can apply at the country's embassy or at the consulate. The application is processed within an average of 10 months.

The first permit is issued for up to 12 months, or for the duration of the employment contract or a period of study. In some cases, you can get a residence permit for 4 years.

Extension of the status can amount to no more than 3 years. To apply for an extension, contact your local Migration Service office. You can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit after 4 years of residence in the country. After 6 years of legal residence in the country, you can apply for citizenship. An application for a residence permit has a high chance of being rejected if it is incorrectly drafted, does not provide the necessary documentation, or collects false data, a violation of laws, etc.

Advantages of registration of residence permits in Finland

This status enables you to reside in the country permanently. Holders of residence permits can move around in the Schengen area. Foreign citizens holding a residence permit can have access to a high level of medical care.

Depending on the conditions of the residence permit, citizens can attend kindergartens and receive an education free of charge. The holder of a residence permit can take out loans from banks at favorable rates.

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