Citizenship in Vanuatu on buying real estate

Citizenship in Vanuatu on buying real estate

The use of bitcoins in Vanuatu is possible to buy property and obtain citizenship. Use of the crypto currency is a new concept that allows you to pay the seller without intermediaries. Due to this, the payer does not need to pay an additional commission.

Features of using crypto currency

Real estate agents will be able to accept payments in the crypto currency. This will allow processing a large number of payments for a short time period, the transaction costs will be lower. To make consideration of payments it will be possible with the help of modern technology of Blockchain.

Advantages of the crypto currency:

- Control of funds;
- Sending money anywhere in the presence of the Internet;
- The transaction can not be canceled.

The absence of cancellation protects the interests of both parties - the seller and the buyer. The party providing the services is protected from fraud or return. The investor's funds can be written off if the seller fulfills its obligations. Transaction data will be in the register. Technology BlockChain gives anonymity to the parties to the transactions.

Acquiring citizenship

The country is located in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. It began receiving bitcoins as a means of payment for the citizenship of Vanuatu. Earlier, the first measures were taken to acquire passports.

This country several years ago was the victim of a hurricane. The state needed significant support, as a result, the authorities launched a program to obtain citizenship for investment.

In order to attract as many as possible persons wishing to invest, it was decided to introduce payment using the crypto currency. So, citizens of some states that are law-abiding and did not commit any crimes, can draw up a passport of the island state using bitcoins. Payment is several dozen bitcoins.

Participants in the program for obtaining citizenship for investment will be able to take advantage of a special offer - it will also be possible to buy real estate in Vanuatu using the crypto currency.

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