How to get a European bank card

How to get a European bank card

It is advantageous to get a European bank card, because many financial organizations offer attractive service conditions, and a foreign citizen can get a card. Plus opening an account in a foreign bank - the funds are securely stored, and many institutions keep bank secrecy.

The stages of opening an account with a foreign bank

To obtain a European bank card in 2020, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE. You should first select the country where you would like to open an account. It may be a country where a person spends a lot of time, runs a business, etc.

Some countries require a personal presence at a bank. Once the jurisdiction for account registration has been chosen, you need to decide with the bank. The main parameters when selecting:

  • Reliability of the financial institution;
  • Opportunity to create an account for foreign citizens;
  • Provision of good service;
  • Location of the bank.

Most financial institutions issue only debit cards to new clients. Getting a credit card is more difficult because a positive credit history is required.

Once you have chosen a bank, you need to contact it and forward the documents. Beforehand, you may need to verify, translate into English and/or other language. If necessary, you will need to visit a financial institution.

If you open a bank account abroad, you will need to notify the regulatory authorities in your country. In addition, a report on the movement of funds in a foreign account may be required.

TOP 5 most reliable banks in Europe

One of the well-known reliable banks is Rabobank, located in the Netherlands. The main direction that the financial organization is engaged in is the financing of food industry projects.

Another well-known bank is NRW Bank, located in Germany. Its assets for 2011 were over 150 billion. It is considered one of the largest banks not only in Germany, but also in Europe.

Rentenbank in Germany specializes in providing loans for business development. Any profit, which has not been distributed and has not gone into reserves, is directed to agriculture development.

BNG Bank in the Netherlands is one of the largest banks in the country and is considered one of the most reliable within Europe. Part of this bank belongs to the government.

KFW bank in Germany is a state bank, a large part of it is owned by the government, the rest - by the federal states. It has repeatedly held a leading position in the ranking of the most reliable banks in Europe.

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