Bank account in Kazakhstan: how to open

Bank account in Kazakhstan: how to open

Many entrepreneurs prefer to open a bank account in Kazakhstan to expand their business opportunities. To open an account in this country and find the most suitable bank, please contact our specialists at IT-OFFSHORE.

Features of Kazakhstan's banking system

Registration of bank account in Kazakhstan is beneficial - this state is one of the largest and most developed in Central Asia. The economy in Kazakhstan has a tendency of development, the most popular industries are metallurgy and mechanical engineering.

There is a two-level banking system in the country. At the first level, there is the National Bank that regulates the financial system. The second level is represented by several dozens of banks.

Financial organizations of Kazakhstan meet all conditions for international entrepreneurship. There are no strict requirements for non-residents to open accounts. The procedure for registering accounts for both individuals and legal entities can be performed remotely.

The advantage of opening an account in Kazakhstan is that the cost of services is much lower than in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Caribbean countries, etc. When choosing a bank to open an account, it is important to familiarize yourself with the tariffs for services and specify what documents may be required.

TOP-5 banks

Non-residents can open an account in Kazakhstan, which is a big plus. The price of services is smaller in comparison with other banks. The staff in most institutions speak Russian. Some financial institutions offer to open an account free of charge and maintain it on favorable terms for some time.

Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan

The bank is notable for its stability and quality service. It is the largest institution in the country. The Bank is represented not only in Kazakhstan but also in Russia, Kyrgyzstan and other countries.

House Construction Savings Bank of Kazakhstan

This bank is the only one in the state that implements a system of housing savings. The purpose of the program is to improve the living conditions of the population by attracting funds from depositors for deposits and granting loans for housing.

Citibank Kazakhstan

This bank is the only American financial institution represented in the country. This bank is considered reliable and has positive reviews as well as a good reputation.

Eurasian Bank

This bank has a wide range of services. Its main office is located in Almaty. The institution offers contactless payments, exclusive products and financial services for wealthy clients.


This bank has more than 15 branches and several dozens of universal service centers. It offers profitable mortgage programs, services for registration of deposits, and Internet banking. There is an application for making transactions on accounts.

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