The advantages of opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

The advantages of opening a bank account in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan has a stable banking system, the main services provided by a financial institution, are similar to international ones. Many world banks have their branches in Kazakhstan. Banking institutions in a given country meet all the requirements for doing business. The procedure for opening an account is simple, this service is provided for individuals and organizations, residents and non-residents.

Advantages of opening an account in a bank of Kazakhstan

For a full-fledged business and company, you need to open a bank account. One of the countries where it can be done is Kazakhstan. The main advantage is that both residents and non-residents can open a bank account.

Other benefits:
• The cost of billing services is relatively small;
• Requires a minimum set of documents;
• The opening of an account is practically not denied;
• Internet bank is available to the client, the account becomes active almost immediately after opening;
• Most banks have Russian speaking staff;
• Kazakhstan has a double tax avoidance agreement with many countries.

Opening an account in one of the banks of Kazakhstan is the right decision - this account is suitable for doing business, it can be opened for an offshore company. You can learn more about the features of invoice registration in Kazakhstan from our IT-OFFSHORE specialists.

What is needed to open an account

When considering the possibility of creating an account, you should pay attention to the rates of service, as well as the advantages of a particular institution to other banks. The opening process is quite fast and is similar to the procedure for creating an account in most financial organizations. You will first need to fill out a questionnaire, then you will need to submit other documents.

What papers are needed:
• Certificate of registration, extracts from the register for foreign companies;
• Samples of seals and signatures of representatives of the organization;
• Data on registration with the tax authority;
• Charter of the company;
• Information about the appointment of the director;
• Consent of persons to process the information provided.

It will be required to prove the origin of the funds. In order to open an account on nat. person, you will need to provide a small package of documents - a passport, TIN. If the client is a non-resident, you also need a residence permit or another document where there is information about the reason for being in the country.

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