Company registration in Belize in 2019 with a nominee shareholder

Company registration in Belize in 2019 with a nominee shareholder

Belize is a state located in Central America. It has borders with Mexico and Guatemala. The coast to the east is washed by the Caribbean Sea. Company registration in Belize in 2019 is relevant, as the discovery has many advantages for the founder. In this case, there are many points that should be considered when opening a company.

Registration Requirements

You can create IBC company. The name of the organization is created in any language, in addition, it must include standardized abbreviations that indicate the form of the company.

When registering it is important to consider the scope of the company. Some of them need special permission.

Examples of organizations for which licenses are required:
• Law Firm;
• Transport organization;
• Banking institution;
• Insurance Company.

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If a non-resident firm is registered in the country, it cannot buy out land, own real estate, or conduct transactions with residents.

Basic requirements for the applicant:

• The director of a company can be a resident or a foreigner, be a natural or legal person;
• Company operations must be managed in Belize;
• Must be removed office.

To register a company in Belize, it is required to have a share capital, the standard size of which is 50,000 euros. Contribution is made using any currency. It is required to maintain accounting documents in order to be able to display the financial status of the offshore.

Features of tax payment

To open a company in Belize 2019, you will need to assemble a package of documentation. Registration requires a high-quality and professional legal approach. You need to know the details of local jurisdiction, especially local tax rates.

If the firm does not have the status of a resident, it is exempt from paying value added tax, with the exception of a fixed fee and local taxes. A resident company must pay ¼ from the company's turnover. The fee for the year depends on the size of the previously declared share capital. In case of late payment, the company is blacklisted.

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