Registering a company in Denmark: advantages

Registering a company in Denmark: advantages

Denmark is an island country and is only bordering with Germany. It is washed by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The population of the state is about 5 million people. The official language is Danish.

The state has a stable economic system. Extractive industries, shipbuilding, mechanical engineering and services are well developed. For several decades in a row, the jurisdiction has held leading positions with regard to tax planning.

Main advantages of the country

There are certain advantages to buying a company in Denmark. The Kingdom holds leading positions on property registration, the convenience of the taxation system, and trade between countries. The country has a high standard of living.

The country has a high standard of living.

Advantages of offshore registration in Denmark:

  • Developed economy;
  • Political stability;
  • Favorable location and developed infrastructure;
  • Low unemployment rate;
  • Availability of qualified employees in the labor market;
  • Highly developed technology;
  • Currency is stable;
  • The country has double tax treaties with a number of countries;
  • The banking structure is developed.

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Forms of doing business

The easiest way to register a closed or open joint-stock company is to register it in the country. There are some peculiarities of opening ApS. Registration of such a company is relevant for entrepreneurs who plan to establish a holding company. On average, the minimum capital is 17,000 euros.

Only a physical person can become a director of such an organization. There are often no residency requirements for directors. The organization is managed by the Board of Directors. There may be one non-resident shareholder. Each year, the firm must submit a financial report.

When registering with A/S, at least three founders are required, there are no requirements for an organization, and regarding their residency. The share capital must be at least 67 thousand euros.

Taxation of companies

Companies registered in Denmark - A/S and ApS - must pay international income tax. The rate is 25% off the profit. The holding company might face the 0% rate, provided that it receives income from holding activities.

Dividends received from the operation of a subsidiary operating abroad are not subject to tax. An organization in Denmark that holds shares in another company abroad for at least 3 years is exempted from income tax if the profits from the sale of shares are received. A subsidiary is not subject to low taxation.

Stages of incorporation of a company

Before registering a business, select a name for the company. It is necessary to create the Articles of Association and prepare the foundation documentation. You need to get a digital signature to access the bank account.

After that, a corporate account is opened in the financial institution of the jurisdiction, while the capital is deposited. Employees must register as well. If necessary, you need to get a special license and permission to do business.

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