Personal account in the Georgian Bank without a visit

Personal account in the Georgian Bank without a visit

The Republic of Georgia is a small country located near Turkey, Russia and Iran. The state is actively developing its economy and many businessmen are considering the prospects of working with this jurisdiction. The process of opening a bank account in Georgia is relatively straightforward, but foreigners will need to collect some documents.

To open an account remotely, contact the IT-OFFSHRE specialists. Our experts will answer your questions and help you choose the best bank to create an account, help with the collection of documents.

How to open an account remotely at TBC

Non-residents often need to open an account in a country with a high degree of reliability. To do this, you need to choose a financial institution with a good reputation and a high level of service. The establishment of TBC began its activities in the early 90's and is considered one of the most famous banks in the jurisdiction.

Opening a personal account is important for entrepreneurs who already have a business in Georgia or are planning to develop it. Personal account can be used to perform cryptocurrency transactions, receive payment, etc.

TBC occupies a large part of the banking market in the country and serves more than half of the population. The benefits of opening an account in this financial institution:

  • A wide range of bank services.
  • Many branches throughout the country.
  • Stability of the organization.
  • Asset security. 

The institution provides services to individuals and legal entities. Conducts work, including, with foreigners. A significant plus of this bank is the possibility to open an account online without a visit to the organization for individuals.

Basic services in the bank

The institution offers a variety of services to its customers. Non-residents can place funds on deposit for safekeeping and passive interest income. There is a deposit insurance service in the country, so if a bank goes bankrupt, you can get some money back.

There are only a few deposits - for the storage and multiplication of funds, with the right to replenish, to accumulate, as well as the ability to manage without restrictions. Plastic cards can be issued in the bank. When executing a premium card you can get a lot of advantages, for example, personal manager's services, insurance and increase of interest on deposit.

Customers can use a number of services to remotely use their accounts - online bank, smartphone application, SMS receipt on performed transactions. Using a multi-currency account, you can make payments and transfers and exchange currencies. In TBC there is a possibility of registration of the credit, mortgage.

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