Features of registering an IT company in Georgia in 2019

Features of registering an IT company in Georgia in 2019

Many businessmen plan to open a company in Georgia, since this option is promising, it helps protect to assets and optimize taxation. Before registering an IT company, you should familiarize yourself with the pros and cons of opening, as well as the features of registration.

Benefits of opening a company in Georgia

Company registration in a given country is often easy and in a short time. Most often in the country a company is registered with OPF - LLC, which can consist of at least two members - a shareholder and a director. Each of them can be a resident of another country, has no obligation to live in the country of registration. There are also no requirements for the size of the least capital.

Other advantages of opening a company:

• Low tax rates. In the country, the corporate tax rate is 15%. After registration, the company may be exempted from paying state duty on capital, social insurance contributions and personal income tax. If a company is registered in a free zone, it is exempted from the obligation to pay corporate tax.
• The country has double tax treaties with different states.
• Georgia is close to Russia. Doing business in this country is optimal for citizens of the Russian Federation and other CIS countries.
• The country has developed infrastructure, in Georgia there are ways of communication with Asian countries and the European continent, that is, there is the possibility of conducting international business.
• The country is rated positively in the ranking of states with a free economy. The wound is free, trading rules are minimal.

When registering an organization, possible risks should also be considered. When releasing goods for the domestic market, it is important to consider that the population in the country is small, and there may be problems with hiring workers and marketing products. The country is characterized by low purchasing power, however, this problem can be solved by opening a business in high-demand areas, for example, IT.

The nuances of registering IT companies in Georgia

Recently, technology has evolved greatly. The software market, work in the field of information technology is becoming in demand. To develop a profitable business, you can open a company with this direction.

When choosing a country, it is recommended to consider what conditions are created in the jurisdiction to work in this direction. The country should contribute to the development of this activity, one of the solutions is the opening of a company in Georgia. In this country there are free zones that are focused on this area, and when working in this zone you can get a tax exemption.

To select the appropriate jurisdiction and get answers to your questions regarding registration, contact our specialists at IT - OFFSHORE. We will help to solve the tasks.

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